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‘Zoom in, it’s awful’ – BT Sport viewers slam Champions League final camera angle as Liverpool v Real Madrid begin

FOOTBALL fans were furious with the camera angle as the Champions League final finally began.

Kick-off was delayed by 36 minutes due to fans held up away, but home spectators were also frustrated after the start of the final.


Many viewers complained that the angle of the TV was too far

Many BT Sport viewers took to social media to complain that the camera angle was too far.

One Twitter user wrote: “What is that camera angle.”

Another added: “This camera angle makes me feel like I’m watching the game from space.”

And a third said: “Catastrophe, this is all a catastrophe.

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A fan tried to explain that Stade de France usually uses such a camera angle for France national team matches.

But the camera angle was only a minor issue for UEFA given the off-field scenes.

Hundreds of fans were delayed entering the pitch, causing kick-off to be delayed twice.

UEFA blamed the fans for their late arrival, but several supporters, including Gary Lineker, dismissed the claim.

Even after the delay, further trouble arose as peaceful fans waiting to enter, along with a BBC reporter, were pepper sprayed by police.

Meanwhile, home fans were also busy criticizing UEFA for hiring Camila Cabello to perform the pre-match.

The Cuban-American star sang several hits… but fans weren’t impressed.

One wrote: “Camila Cabello performing as chaos ensues outside the stadium is hilarious to me. UEFA cover up their *** bulls as usual.”