Where to find security cameras

If you’re used to checking in at hotels, Airbnbs, or even going to public places like shopping malls, you probably want to keep yourself safe. It is essential to check if the place you are in has security cameras throughout the area to record the events if something terrible happens.

In this article, we will help you locate common security camera locations. In a nutshell, you can check:

Locating security cameras

Here’s where you need to locate security cameras before you start your day to make sure you’re protected at all costs.

Main inlet / outlet

A main entry / exit security camera keeps track of everyone entering and exiting a location, meaning you are 100% secure no matter what happens inside a hotel or a shopping center.

Secondary doors

Also place security cameras on side doors to ensure full visibility, especially if one of them is used as frequently as the main entrance. It is just as important to have security cameras on the side doors as it is to have one on the main door, as we all know, in particular, that shopping malls have multiple entry and exit doors.

Windows off the street

Windows that do not face the street or busy road may be more attractive to thieves due to the absence of prying eyes from the public. Make sure there are cameras facing off-street windows as an added layer of security, especially if you are staying in a hotel or Airbnb. Never overlook windows as people can use them as entryways as well.

Stairs / Corridors

You can also check if there are security cameras located along the stairs or hallways. This is to ensure that no one walks between levels or hallways leading to rooms undetected. They are usually found on the corner of the ceiling.

Now that you know where to locate security cameras and are wondering what better cybersecurity measures in business are, see the SIA Online article for more information!

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