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What is the Coquitlam Search and Rescue Adventure Skills Challenge?

Steve Chapman of Coquitlam said the goal is not just to educate the public about what search and rescue volunteers do and prepare for outdoor outings, but also to raise awareness of the purpose-built society. nonprofit and fundraising in its pivotal year.

If you got lost in the backcountry, would you know what to do?

As part of its 50th anniversary, Coquitlam Search and Rescue (SAR) is launching a competition to test the skills of the public in the outdoors.

Hosted by longtime SAR member, Coquitlam resident and team director of community education, Steve Chapman, the Adventure Skills Challenge runs for seven weeks starting May 10 – with one task dropped each week for groups of up to four people each.

Chapman told the News from the three cities groups will be required to complete weekly assignments to qualify for prizes, and a grand prize will be awarded on July 2 to the top team.

Among the exercises will be

  • navigate with a GPS device
  • plan a backcountry trip
  • use hiking gear

The challenges will take place in urban areas, as well as forest areas, within the city limits, he said.

And, best of all, the contest is open to residents of all ages, as long as there’s an adult in each group.

“All fitness levels are welcome too. It’s not strenuous,” Chapman said.

“The main focus is education and learning outdoor skills. It’s more about raising awareness and being prepared in remote areas.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, Coquitlam SAR has been busy with calls for help from hikers stranded in the wilderness.

Last December, RAD Chair Helena Michelis told Coquitlam City Council that the volume in 2021 was not as high as in 2020; however, the volunteers still recorded additional activity levels:

  • incidents: 71 (537 volunteer hours)
  • exercises: 145 (980 volunteer hours)
  • events: 67 (3,130 volunteer hours)
  • total activities: 283 (4,649 volunteer hours)


As for the Adventure Skills Challenge, Chapman and other SAR volunteers will judge the groups’ results over the seven weeks.

To participate, group members will need to sign a liability waiver during registration, which opens April 1.

Registration fees are $80 per team.

Additionally, each team will need a compass; mobile phone; personal hiking gear; and camera (for photos and video).

Chapman said the goal is not only to educate the public about what SAR volunteers do and prepare for outdoor outings, but also to raise awareness of the nonprofit society and raise funds. fund in its pivotal year.

“It’s a perfect way to prepare for the summer season and to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

• Tri-City businesses are encouraged to donate prizes for the inaugural Coquitlam SAR Adventure Skills Challenge. Call 604-248-4716 or email [email protected] to help the cause. In the meantime, to contribute to Coquitlam SAR, go to their website and click on the Donate Now button.

Adventure Skills Challenge Dates:

  • Challenge 1: Tuesday May 10 to Monday May 16
  • Challenge 2: Tuesday May 17 to Monday May 23
  • Challenge 3: Tuesday May 24 to Monday May 30
  • Challenge 4: Tuesday May 31 to Monday June 16
  • Challenge 5: Tuesday, June 7 to Monday, June 13
  • Challenge 6: Tuesday June 14 to Monday June 20
  • Challenge 7: Tuesday June 21 to Monday June 27