Wayne Couzens photographed the rental car he used to kidnap Sarah Everard and then bought big bags at B&Q

Creepy CCTV footage shows Wayne Couzens renting a car and entering a store before kidnapping and then murdering Sarah Everard.

The married father of two, 48, from Deal, Kent, kidnapped Miss Everard in a rental car as she drove home to south London on the evening of March 3.

Couzens then raped and strangled the 33-year-old marketing manager. Then he set his body on fire.

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A week after her disappearance, Miss Everard’s remains were found in a wooded stream in Ashford, Kent, a few yards from land owned by Couzens.

The court heard that Couzens completed a 12-hour shift with the Metropolitan Police before recovering the rental car he used to kidnap Ms Everard on the pretext of arresting him for breaking lockdown rules.

Couzens CCTV at a gas station where he bought a jerry can and fuel which he then used to set Sarah’s body on fire

During his five days off, he told his work supervisor he felt unable to carry guns and felt stressed over a salary dispute, the Mirror reports.

Prosecutor Tom Little QC described her as a victim of “deception, kidnapping, rape, strangulation, arson”.

Mr Little told the court that Couzens had been working on “Covid patrols” in the weeks leading up to the murder.

Detectives believe the cops on leave used the pandemic as an excuse to “detain” her victim as she walked down the street.

He spent weeks planning the crime and booked a rental car for the kidnapping three days before kidnapping Sarah.

Couzens visited B&Q in Dover to buy bags to put Sarah’s body after killing her

Married with two children, Couzens spent hours driving in west and south London before targeting his victim.

Dash camera footage showed the white and black Vauxhall Crossland rented by Couzens pulled up, with its hazard lights on, on the sidewalk next to its victim.

“A couple were traveling south in their car to their home in south-east London and witnessed the kidnapping of Sarah Everard.

“The front seat passenger noticed what she described as a man and a woman standing on the sidewalk with the man behind the woman.

“The man was wearing dark clothes and she started to take a closer look because she saw a handcuff.

“The woman on the sidewalk already had her left arm behind her back.

Couzens at checkout at B&Q

“She was ‘putting her other arm behind her back’ when the man, who was to be the accused, put handcuffs on her right arm.

“She was compliant with her head down and didn’t seem to be arguing. The accused seemed confident.

“The immediate impression the passenger got was that she witnessed an undercover police officer arresting a woman, whom she suspected” had done something wrong. “

The former Met police officer then raped and strangled the marketing manager after driving him 80 miles to Kent.

He eventually burned his body and threw it in a builder’s bag in a wooded stream near land he owned in Ashford, Kent.

Couzens leaving B&Q after buying Miss Everard’s body bags

In the days that followed, Couzens was caught on CCTV buying two bags of green rubble from a B&Q in Dover.

He then ordered a tarp and elastic cargo net from Amazon on March 7, which shipped with next day delivery.

Couzens was arrested at his marital home in Deal, Kent, six days after Sarah went missing.

Police had located his rental car, which he had reserved under his own name three days before the murder.

The hearing continues.

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