Camera adventure

Watch: Leopard goes on an adventure to a mango tree, rescued after eight long hours

Motivation can go to any height. And how about acquiring the tenacity of a leopard who climbed to the furthest branch of a huge mango tree?

Igniting the spirit of adventure, an IFS officer from West Bengal, Parveen Kaswan, shares a video on Twitter where a leopard is seen through the thick canopy of leaves, hugging the tree branch. The mood of the adventure takes a different turn when the camera zooms out and we learn that the wildcat actually needs help.

“Need that level of motivation in life!!” Kaswan joked, amused to see how much the wildcat climbed to find some peace, perhaps to admire the view, surveying village life.

Later, the officer said that the animal was stuck on the tree for a long time and the rescue operation took eight hours, which was amazing! Footage shared by officers showed a huge crowd gathered near the tree as forest officers and firefighters worked to help the animal.

“Without human injury and in a highly populated region. Such weather also requires crowd management. Fantastic work from our teams,” Kaswan wrote.

‘Few photos of what it takes to convince the leopard as well as the people,’ he wrote in a follow-up tweet showing how forest officers used a firefighting net and ladder to fell the animal safely.

People on social media were amused to see the animal at the top of the tree and some joked that the animal too might want to enjoy the summer fruits, while others thanked the forest officers for saving the innocent animal.