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WATCH: Dashcam captures shocking moment of car crash with coach in Scarborough

Footage shows a coach heading towards East Ayton, having climbed Stepney Hill, before a car appears to pull back past the approaching vehicle at the junction with Seamer Moor Lane, opposite the Pinewood Park glamping site .

The large coach crashes sideways with the car, causing debris from both vehicles to spill onto the roadway. No one involved in the crash suffered life-altering injuries or lost their lives.

Dashcams are small cameras placed on the front dashboard and/or rear window of a vehicle and have become increasingly common in the UK in recent years.

A dash cam captures the moment just before a collision between two vehicles in Scarborough. (Photo: Nextbase)

The cameras make it possible to record images of journeys and, in the event of an incident or accident on the road, to provide additional evidence of what happened.

Nextbase, one of the UK’s leading dash cam brands, has released new research as part of a wider campaign to encourage motorists to upload footage of crashes, near-misses and illegal incidents on its National Dash Cam Security Portal in the fight against dangerous driving.

The research found that around three quarters of UK motorists have been involved in a near miss and witness around 14 illegal incidents each week.

However, 75% of drivers have never reported an incident to the police, and 41% do not know how to do so.

From the company dash cam security gate allows motorists to upload their footage as evidence of illegal incidents or dangerous driving, with around 70% of clips submitted so far, leading to further action by police forces.

Bryn Brooker, road safety manager at Nextbase, said: “We created the portal to make the roads safer. Road users can send videos from any device and help keep dangerous drivers off the road.

“The police don’t just watch these videos – they use them. Almost all of the country’s forces are now engaged, with the remaining handful intending to do so soon.

“The system we built four years ago doesn’t just help the police, it gets dangerous drivers off the road.”

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