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WATCH: Dash Cam Video Captures ‘Very Drunk’ Driver in Pickaway County

PICKAWAY – A high-speed chase across the county ended in multiple crashes and a woman heading for jail and it was all captured on video.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the driver of a blue Honda Civic was called out as a reckless driver by several of us 62 passing through Harrisburg, but neither OSP nor Pickaway Sheriff had anyone in the area, but they had a good idea which direction it was coming from and established a perimeter around the five point pike area where they attempted to arrest the driver. A high-speed chase ensued at speeds of over 120 mph. The chase went through Yankeetown Pike, Pherson Pike, Keys Road, on US22 and into Williamsport where OSP said they pulled over and locked her up, they tried to arrest her and she wouldn’t comply and wouldn’t would not get out of the vehicle. Eventually law enforcement was forced to smash her driver’s side window, which is when she took off again from law enforcement and drove in a Pickaway unit vehicle Sheriff K9 to escape and hit a parked vehicle, and the chase continued. She stopped on Pike and Church where she hit another parked car, then reversed and hit the K9 unit a second time and tried to escape again.

The police then took her out of the vehicle because she refused to comply.

Christina Thornton, 49 of Williamsport was arrested, she was transferred to Berger by Southwest Pickaway Fire where she was treated for facial lacerations from the collisions.

All of this was captured on video and more, during the video you can watch the OSP troop attempt to stop the drunk driver as she dangerously cuts corners, veers off the pavement and crosses lines and in other lanes. Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/SciotoPost/videos/498483871884628/

OSP at the scene told us they suspected alcohol was a factor. Another reason for her running could be that she doesn’t have a license.

Thornton will be charged with non-compliance, OVI, driving with a suspended license, two accidents, violation of probation, lack of seat belt, traffic lanes on roads.