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USWE CORE 25 Backpack Review

Written by Alex Marsh. Posted in Equipment

USWE Sports (pronounced “you-swii”) is known for its hydration packs and backpacks designed to stay in place no matter how rough the trail. His goal with HEART The series of packs was to provide dual-sport and all-mountain riders with the storage they need with smart features, while delivering on the brand’s commitment to proper fit and the “No Dancing Monkey” philosophy.

The HEART The bag series are offered in 16L and 25L options. The only difference is the volume; both packs share the same neat features and extras. I opted for the BASIC 25 as I was looking to use the bag to carry camera and video gear on rides and needed more volume.

At first glance, the bag looks like a fairly normal backpack; made of sturdy material, with compression straps and webbing loops for securing items on the outside. There are clip straps at the bottom that you can use to secure a rolled up jacket or a small tent bag. WE also includes some nice touches you can’t find with any other bags; a removable phone pouch, a soft-lined goggle pocket, a magnetic hydration tube clip and a semi-rigid tool case. In addition, each strap of the bag has a rubber band to prevent annoying flapping at high speeds. An included hydration bladder would be nice, but the pouch provided is large enough to accept the 3L HydraPak tank that I already had.

The No Dancing Monkey 2.0 + Snug-Me The harness system required a little setup and took me a while to get used to. First of all, the shoulder straps are vertically adjustable via Velcro on the back plate; then you put on the bag and attach the chest clip. Finally, to get it all snug, you pull on the waist straps, then clip and tighten.

It’s a bit tedious, but it’s worth it. USWE the system results in the most stable backpack I have ever ridden on or off road. Even with 20+ lbs of cameras and lenses loaded the bag doesn’t shift, although I have found that once you get off the bike the shoulder straps can loosen if you unclip the straps from size, which makes it less comfortable.

If you’re looking for a larger pack for day hikes, weekend ultralight camping, or even daily commutes, the BASIC 25 is a great option. USWE The harness system is adjustable enough to put the weight exactly where you need it and keeps the pack incredibly secure.

USWE Core25 2 Backpack Review

MSRP: $249.99

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  • Bounce-free and comfortable on any ride
  • Includes extras like phone pocket and tool case


  • Hydration bladder not included
  • Impossible to use without a belt