Sport camera

Trace raises $47 million to develop automated camera technology for youth sports

  • Trace has now raised US$64.2 million
  • The company focuses solely on youth sports
  • More than 1.4 million athletes are currently benefiting from the technology

Automated youth sports video camera startup Trace has raised US$47m in Series C funding, allowing it to build on its technology and expand its reach into new markets.

Pelion Venture Partners led the round with Lakestar, Toba Capital and NextGen VP also involved, bringing the total funding raised by the company to $64.2 million.

Trace’s camera uses a wide-angle camera and sensor technology to capture the entire game on its own, then uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create custom edited highlight packages.

The system detects each time a player is involved and aggregates it into a video package that can be automatically sent to athletes, coaches and parents who want to analyze their game or simply relive a moment.

Trace is one of several automated camera vendors looking to bring video analysis and recording capabilities to amateur sports and has made a conscious decision to focus on youth sports, believing that it will was a significant market opportunity.

Funds raised will be used to recruit over 100 new employees and expand into sports beyond its current portfolio of soccer, baseball and softball.

“We created Trace to deliver personalized moments to every player without any extra work from anyone on your team,” said David Lokshin, general manager of Trace. “We are extremely proud to serve over 1.4 million athletes today and to remove barriers to capturing and editing game footage. And whether you are looking to play in college or just starting out in a sport, Trace will keep the moments that matter most to you just a click away.