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Toyota HiLux takes flight in wild dash cam footage

A dash cam captured the moment a motorist lost control and launched his Toyota HiLux into the air, causing the double-cab vehicle to roll before escaping uninjured.

A pair of motorists in South East Queensland are believed to have emerged unscathed from a dramatic rollover in a Toyota HiLux, captured on a dash cam last week.

In a video uploaded to Youtube by Dash Cam Australia Ownersthe Toyota HiLux is seen driving on a wet road in Pinjarra Hills, Queensland – about half an hour from Brisbane – before indicating to attempt an overtake on the car in front of it.

Less than a second after the ute entered the passing lane, it lost control and slid off the tarmac into a gap between the two sides of the road.

The Toyota HiLux launches out of the ditch and into the air, first hitting the ground on its front bumper before momentum pulls the rear, performing a full roll.

Based on the speed recorded by the dash cam of the following car, it appears that the Toyota HiLux was traveling at around 70 km/h when it initially lost control.

According Dash Cam Australia Owners video, the ute had two occupants on board – both walking away from the crash uninjured.

Other motorists were also lucky to escape without injury as the airborne vehicle nearly landed in the path of oncoming traffic.

Jordan Mulach

Jordan Mulach was born in Canberra/Ngunnawal and currently resides in Brisbane/Turrbal. Joining the Drive team in 2022, Jordan has previously worked for Auto Action, MotorsportM8, The Supercars Collective and TouringCarTimes, WhichCar, Wheels, Motor and Street Machine. Jordan is a self-proclaimed iRacing junkie and can be found on weekends driving his Octavia RS or swearing on his ZH Fairlane.

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