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Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 helmet review

Written by Justin W. Coffey. Posted in Equipment

Life is better when things are going well. Too hot, too cold, maybe a little loose…a game we’ve all played trying to find the right riding gear, from toe to toe, top to bottom. My search for the right helmet was long and arduous. I’ve worn everything from $100 open lids to $1,000+ carbon racing helmets meant for MotoGP speeds. Finding a helmet for a long-distance adventure is a particularly difficult affair. Unlike a short dirt or dual-sport ride, you have to be prepared for plenty of freeway miles en route to your next destination. And unlike full on-road riding, your helmet has to handle the dust and dirt of an off-road adventure. He must be a jack of all trades. It needs to be comfortable for long days on pavement or dirt, and able to withstand the weather and what it’s likely to throw at you. It should also provide enough ventilation and airflow so that you don’t fog up or overheat your head when riding in more difficult terrain.

I took Touratech’s Aventuro Carbon helmet a few years ago when it was first released. The fit was a little funny to me, though. I usually wear a size L; however, I had to opt for an XL due to the shell shape, and my prominent chin. I added extra padding, which comes with the helmet, to get the fit right. An easy fix, and ultimately the helmet became my favorite, picking it out of many when asked to test out a new ADV machine or take a long dual-sport ride down south. So when Touratech announced an updated version of the Aventuro Carbon 2I was thrilled to see the changes they had made to improve my beloved lid.

One of the features I liked the most about the first generation Aventuro Carbon was the extendable visor. At first glance it seemed a bit fancy, but when riding in the sun late in the day, that little extra visor really helps keep the sun out of your eyes. The Adventure Carbon 2 The peak has a more streamlined shape with vents that manage airflow, reducing turbulence. It is also removable without the use of tools and has an integrated camera mount on top. Oversized cutouts allow wind to pass under the peak and then exit cleanly to the rear, minimizing drag. Larger vents on the top of the helmet increased airflow by 40%. With larger vents and a new one just under the visor that features a hood to vent air, neck fatigue is greatly reduced; turning your head quickly is no longer a test of neck strength. The chin vent has been redesigned to be more glove friendly and the chin bar has an increased width to improve overall comfort.

The face shield is unchanged from the first Aventuro Carbon design and continues to provide high visibility and ease of use, especially when wearing gloves. One of my favorite features of the headset is that you can wear goggles without having to remove the face shield. There’s even a goggle clip on the back of the helmet to hold your strap in place!

All combined, the changes made to the Aventuro Carbon 2 are slight, but definitely noticeable. Comfort is improved across the board and the helmet feels more streamlined at speed. My full-size shell, with the visor installed, tips the scales at a featherweight 3lb, 1oz, which means wearing the helmet for more than six hours a day isn’t going to kill your neck. As for the first generation of Aventuro Carbonthis helmet will probably be my go-to lid for adventure and dual-sport motorcycle rides for the foreseeable future.

Touratech Aventuro Carbon2 2 review

MSRP: $699


  • Lightweight carbon shell
  • Modular visor easily transitions from street to dirt
  • Possibility to wear glasses without removing the face shield
  • Improved airflow over previous model
  • Reduced neck strain with advanced aerodynamic enhancements


  • Sizing options are a bit confusing
  • The price is a bit expensive
  • Limited colors to choose from