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Tori from “Saved by the Bell” quit acting 25 years ago. See it now.

In the last season of Saved by the Bell in 1992 there was a new girl at Bayside High who made quite a splash. Rider Tori Scott only arrived on the scene to find herself in the middle of late-game couple Zack Morris (Marc-Paul Gosselaar) and Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen), cause a battle between best friends Zack and AC Slater (Mario lopez), and even deliver that of Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) baby in an elevator. But soon after Saved by the Bell ended in 1993, Leanna creel, who played Tori, stopped playing. Now it’s been almost 25 years since his last role, but Creel remains can’t escape Tori, which was even mentioned in the Saved by the Bell restart recently. To see what Creel has been up to since then, read on.

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Monica Lacy, Joy Liefeld, and Leanna Creel are identical triplets from Fullerton, Calif. Monique and Léanna got their first big roles to Growing pains in 1987 playing twins (Joy was an exchange student in Denmark at the time, according to the Los Angeles Times). But the three had their big luck in the 1989 Disney movie special. Parental trap III with Hayley Mills and Barry bostwick.

A look back at the film recently in an interview with Today, Leanna said the triplets had a general meeting with Disney and Parental trap III was written with them in mind. “They weren’t thinking of making a Parent Trap III with triplets until they meet us, ”Joy added. “They basically wrote the three characters based on the first initial of our three names. So instead of Leanna, Joy and Monica it was Lisa, Jessie and Megan, ”she said.

The third Parental trap was successful, and the Creel triplets returned for a follow-up later in 1989 called Parental Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon. Although there had to be another sequel, Joy said Today it was missed. “We were totally devastated,” she recalls.

Leanna said Disney had started developing a series for the triplets, but it didn’t work because their characters were supposed to be witches, which conflicted with their religious upbringing. “We should have said, ‘We don’t want to play witches’ because we were, at the time, very religious,” she said. “We should have said early in the development process, ‘We don’t like this concept,’ but we were just stupid and naive.”

Later, the Creel triplets also starred together in a 1991 episode of the teen sitcom. Parker Lewis can’t lose, but after that they went their own way. Monica and Leanna continued to act; in fact, Monica still does. Leanna then landed the role of Tori in Saved by the Bell and made two other TV appearances in one episode, the last of which was Ned and Stacy in 1997, 23 years ago. After that, she said goodbye to acting for good.

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In a 1988 article by Los Angeles Times, the Creels talked about their booming career and also a bit about their personal life. Leanna was a runway star, senior class president and reunion queen at the time, and she revealed Growing pains Star Kirk cameron accompanied her to her prom.

The two made a few red carpet appearances, but it’s unclear how long the teen romance lasted. Obviously, his sister took note. “Leanna has such an awesome boyfriend, she’s a cross country and track MVP, she’s the senior class president… everyone loves Leanna,” Joy told the Los Angeles Times.

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Leanna Creel (left) and Dennis Haskins take a selfie together during the National Max Pop-Up Saved By The Bell Day Celebration on August 20, 2018 in West Hollywood, California.
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Over 30 years ago, Creel told the Los Angeles Times that when she grew up she wanted to “be independent, maybe have my own business.” She added: “I have been a small entrepreneur since I was a child, raising chickens and selling eggs to our neighbors.”

Although she doesn’t sell eggs these days, Creel made her dream come true. She runs the photo, film and video production company Creel Studio and recently launched Vuse, a real estate app.

Léanna said Today that her interest in cinema began in her Parental trap days doing Hawaiian honeymoon with the director Mollie Miller. “It was my first time working with a director, and probably the only time in a long time, until I could hire one as a producer,” Leanna said.

“I was showing a lot of interest in the crew, the cameras and the directing,” she recalls. “I remember at the end the crew gave me a T-shirt, and it was like I was surfing on a surfboard with a camera on my shoulder.… The film crew had even recognized that I was going to be behind the camera. “

Léanna said Today that after graduating from film school and starting to produce, she wrote to the former CEO of Disney Michael eisner a note thanking him for launching his career. “I said, you know, really feel a lot of gratitude for these Disney movies,” she said. “They allowed me to go to college and graduate school and become a producer.”

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Leanna has been with his wife Rinat Greenberg, a Real estate agent with Compass in California for 23 years. They married in 2004 and have two children together: 8 years old Milo and 13 years old Levi.

None of Leanna’s children saw Parental trap III, she said Today, but Levi caught a few episodes of Saved by the Bell, which continues to be his claim to fame.

“If you told me that in 20 years, people would still be recognize me from Saved by the Bell, I would say, ‘Shut up,’ “Leanna told ABC News in 2015.” Even then, it was a little campy and not necessarily something I want to be remembered! “

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