THINKWARE Announces Independence Day Promotions

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – San Francisco, Calif., June 28, 2021 ( – To celebrate the 4th of July holiday in the United States, the world-leading Korean dash cam brand THINK offers great deals online on its top models of dash cams. From June 28 to July 11, 2021, discounts on the best THINKWARE dash cams are available on its website, Amazon, Best Buy, and other select online specialty retailers. At various points during the promotion, the following models are on sale, including:

  • U1000: The top-of-the-range model from THINKWARE offering native 4K (UHD) video quality. The U1000 can also be accessorized with a 2K (QHD) rear view camera and wiring for full and optimal 24/7 protection.
  • Q800 PRO: A THINKWARE premium dash cam with 2K QHD 1440p recording.
  • F200 PRO: One of THINKWARE’s newest dash cameras, this versatile dual-channel dashboard includes features like Super Night Vision, Parking Time Lapse Photography, and a Full HD rear camera.
  • F200: The perfect dash cam, slim design with advanced parking mode, time lapse mode, power saving mode for long time monitoring, optional rear camera available.
  • X700: Save on this easy-to-use dash cam that offers navigation IPS touchscreen, two Full HD channels, advanced driver assistance, parking watch mode, and more.
  • M1 Motorsport Camera: Exclusively for motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs, it is equipped with 2-channel Full HD cameras with Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS).
  • IVolt Mini external battery: Compatible with all THINKWARE models, the iVolt Mini Power Bank increases the duration of Parking Watch Mode, allowing it to stay in Park Mode for up to 20 hours, or 16 hours with an added rear cam.

“The July 4th long weekend has traditionally been one of the busiest times to drive in the United States, and this year could prove to be one of the busiest yet,” said Brian Yang, THINKWARE North American Business Development Director. “Now is the perfect time for drivers to consider purchasing a dashcam when they hit the road, whether it’s for a short trip to see fireworks or a vacation trip. THINKWARE’s diverse range of affordable and premium dashcam models are a great buy for those looking to protect themselves and their families while driving, being equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and user-friendly real-time alerts. for the driver.

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Global IT Corporation THINKWARE DASH CAM was founded in Korea in 1997. Through constant research and development in the field of intelligent car technologies, THINKWARE DASH CAM has established itself as the market leader in various industries such as cameras Dashboards, Electronic Charts, Navigation and Mobile Applications.

Spearheading the competition with world-class image processing technologies and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, THINKWARE DASH CAM debuted in the US market in 2014. THINKWARE DASH CAM has confirmed that it will export its DASH lines CAM in 17 other countries, including the United States. , Canada, United Kingdom and Japan.

THINKWARE DASH CAM has continued to amaze the industry with its world-class DASH CAM lines during its presence at global exhibitions such as CES, SEMA and The Gadget Show Live. For CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, THINKWARE received the Innovation of the Year award for excellence in technology and design. The company also received the IF Design Award and the IDEA Award finalist in 2017, as well as the Red Dot Design Award in 2017.

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