Thief smashes car window just to buy Tesco £ 30 worth of scratch cards

A thief destroyed a car windshield and then used his ill-gotten gains to buy just £ 30 worth of scratch cards.

Chris Needler, 30, and his partner Callum learned of the theft when they saw the damage to their vehicle in the early hours of Friday morning.

The car had been parked on Ancaster Avenue overnight Thursday when the thief smashed the driver’s side window, escaping with a wallet stowed in the driver’s side door.

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The thief had ignored a satellite navigation system, an expensive sound system, an iPod touch and a dash cam – and instead rushed to a local Tesco to buy just £ 30 worth of scratch cards.

The car owner saw that the transaction was completed when he verified his account and was paid by contactless payment.

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Chris Friday Temporary Fix

Chris’s partner Callum said: “Chris works hard and long hours, it wasn’t that long ago that he finished paying the finances by paying extra on the car.

“He is proud to keep his car in the best condition.

“Because of the amount insurance would charge and the loss of no claims and rising premiums, he has to pay a new window out of his own pocket.

“He had to take a day off to call to find a new window because until he did, he couldn’t drive the car.

“We were supposed to go out with his grandparents tonight who are almost 90 years old and they are counting on Chris to replace them.

“This had to be canceled for safety reasons. The replacement and installation of the window is going to be very expensive.”

After smashing the window of Chris’s car, the thief fled with a Vivienne Westwood green checkered wallet with black trim and black button clasp concealed in the driver’s side door compartment.

Callum said the wallet had more sentimental value to Chris than monetary value inside.

He was quick to block his cards after discovering the heist.

Content included his driver’s license, memorabilia from the couple’s vacation, receipts for important goods and photos of dogs.

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Callum said: “He is devastated, furious and saddened that all the inconvenience and damage came for £ 30 in scratch cards.

“Tesco Bricknell Avenue was very helpful and helped me out when I walked into the store. They are keenly aware of the guy’s appearance and have clear CCTV of him using Chris’s card to purchase them. scratch cards.

“The card was used at 9:30 p.m., so Chris’s car burglary would have occurred shortly before that. This is a prime example of why contactless limits should be set by the account holder and not by the banks.

“Chris had to ring and cancel all of his cards that were in his wallet and has now requested a contactless card.”

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