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Thief posing as FedEx driver caught on camera three times stealing packages from West Town street – CBS Chicago

By Marissa Perlman

CHICAGO (CBS) – A brazen thief was filmed stealing packages from the front steps of neighbors in West Town – while dressed as a FedEx delivery driver.

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As CBS 2’s Marissa Perlman reported Monday night, the robberies happened in seconds. Three neighbors on a single street say they were victims of the FedEx impostor scam – and they all fear that thieves are getting more creative in grabbing people’s belongings.

The three owners say the man was caught on each of their Ring doorbell cameras as he stole packages from West Ohio Street porches.

Each time, his modus operandi is the same.

The suspected thief, wearing a face mask, walks to a porch wearing a navy blue FedEx vest with a box in his hand.

He quickly puts down the empty box, while sliding a package that was on the porch when he arrived. He then flies off – his Chevrolet Trailblazer sport utility vehicle having been left running outside.

“It’s like, is any neighborhood in this city safe?” West Ohio Street neighbor Patty Hallisey said.

And it seems to be becoming a popular scam. Video shared with us from homeowners on the same street shows another suspect – this time wearing a DHL vest – jumping a fence and soliciting the entire house for packages.

Three thefts involving the FedEx driver impersonator occurred in the same block over a two-day period last week. The suspect always leaves behind an empty box while taking a full one.

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One of these voids was addressed to the home of Steven Agley. He didn’t even know he was missing a package – but he was.

“I’m surprised this happened to us, but I know it’s happening all over town,” Agley said, “and it’s really distressing.”

Agley had seen videos of the suspect shared by neighbors on social media – but hadn’t realized he had become a victim until now.

“We ordered a lot more during the pandemic than before,” he said.

West Town neighbors are now calling the police to catch the duped delivery driver.

“We have to stop it,” Hallisey said. “We have to stop it.”

Neighbors we spoke to say they filed police reports in the hope that Chicago police can find the suspect.

Chicago police say there have been no arrests so far – but detectives in Area Three are investigating.

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We spoke with FedEx on Monday evening. They said it was unclear where they suspected they got the vest – whether it was from a former employee or whether he also stole it.