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The 18-year-old online sensation turns his hobby into a lucrative business

Online feeling?

My friend Ruth received this label. But can you imagine how much his talent pays us?

For those who invented social media apps, God bless them. Ruth and I have turned his talent into a cash cow that is earning us a fortune on campus.

Ruth is a choreographer, an autodidact. Funny enough, she learned and honed her craft through Tik-Tok, Instagram, and YouTube.

The first time we met in the hostel hallway, I knew she was destined for greatness.

She was flinching. His posture, alignment, balance, coordination, control, flexibility, mobility and strength were all intriguing.

With her as a sensation and me as a cameraman, we ventured into stardom. I conceived an idea that would propel us to glory.

Armed with a ring light, phone for shooting and editing, the journey began.

His early videos got over 50,000 views on Tik-Tok.

“How did this happen, Aisha? Ruth asked me, still in disbelief.

A camera in a studio set up

“You are obviously gifted, it would have happened sooner or later! I answered.

Ruth laughed, “What a way to start. Let’s do more, experiment with short videos and trends »

We used to make the videos for fun, until we showed our speaker how the videos worked and she was amazed.

“It’s a great adventure. You have the potential to turn this into an income opportunity,” she told us.

But how.

“I know an influencer who can guide you. Social media pays and we have seen models, actors, musicians germinate and become famous for such skits,” she added.

Serah was famous. We hesitated in his presence after entering one of his shoots.

She was so professional and had a whole team consisting of a director, producer and other teams.

“For a seven-second Tik-Tok video!” Ruth wondered.

“Yes, ah! Seven seconds of fame. Here I advertised seven different clothing brands,” Serah replied and walked us through the whole process.

It was more demanding than we thought.

“All you have to do is learn how to edit data and entertain your followers.

“Creative videos will always be shared,” Serah added and actually made a short video with Ruth.

It exploded. An agency called us the same day and asked if we were willing to advertise their products targeting students on campus.

Clothes, perfumes, jewelry, hair brands, name them all. We settled in, but had payment issues at first.

“I saw that you indicated on the form that you have a cooperative bank account right?” asked the shopkeeper.

“Yes, I know that,” Terry replied.

A Cooperative Bank e-commerce advertisement

A Cooperative Bank e-commerce advertisement

cooperative bank

You can promote your products and services online through a website and social media apps. You can get more customers by accepting card payments online via Chapa-pay it’s Co-op Bank’s e-commerce solution!

“You can get more and more customers by accepting card payments online via Co-opBank e-commerce solution! With Co-op Bank eCommerce, you receive a unique link (Pay-By-Link) which you will use to invoice their customers.

She further explained that we will not incur any cost to get the Pay-By-Link solution as it is free.

“If a customer makes an incorrect payment, you can cancel the payment without calling the bank for a reversal,” she added.

Don’t even mention it. The business is booming and my daughter is attracting more and more business.

She’s been to a number of TV stations for interviews and next month when we close for vacation, we’re off to the coast for vacation.

With me as official manager and his mother as financial adviser.