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Superior approves final Central Park development plan – Boulder Daily Camera

The senior board on Monday night approved a final development plan for Central Park, which has been in the works since 2014.

The board unanimously approved the final plan for the park, which was presented by Director of Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Leslie Clark, Angie Hulsebus of MIG and Bill Jenks of Ranch Capital.

The planned park will be located on a 6-acre lot southeast of the intersection of McCaslin Boulevard and Marshall Road, just south of the sports stable and adjacent to the Upper Cemetery.

Central Park will include public restrooms, seating, open lawns, a basketball court and two dog parks – one for large dogs and one for small dogs. However, the crown jewel of the park may be a grassy slope located in the center of the park.

A Superior resident suggested in public comments that the slope could be used as a toboggan hill.

“We designed this grassy hill with the idea that it was the best sledding hill in Colorado, so I’m glad someone pointed it out,” Jenks said in response to the suggestion.

Board members debated the use of crushed granite over grass as the preferred ground cover in dog parks. Administrator Ken Lish argued that the use of turf would not fit with the city’s sustainability goals.

“When you look at the wear and tear of the turf, the cost that would be incurred in the future for maintenance and replacement, but also incorporating the city targets that we approved last year linked to our action for sustainability, we have a comprehensive strategy within our water section dedicated to reducing outdoor water use,” Lish said.

“It would be one of those areas where you don’t need to add an area of ​​irrigated grass. It just doesn’t seem compatible with the direction we’ve taken as a board.

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Lacis and Administrator Tim Howard agreed with Lish.

An amended resolution which included removing the suggestion to replace the surface of dog parks with grass was passed unanimously.