Dash cam

SUNY Plattsburgh releases dashcam video of arrest involving black student

SUNY Plattsburgh has released more than an hour of police dashcam video of an Oct. 21 arrest of a black student by college police.

The release of the video comes after a clip of the arrest circulated online, creating backlash towards the officers. The incident began when police spotted a driver on Rugar Street driving without his headlights.

“It doesn’t matter,” the officer can be heard saying. “I just want to make sure they work.”

The union representing campus police said the officer hoped to create a positive interaction with the student.

“Are you going to write to him? asked a second officer.

“No, it’s not worth it,” the officer said. “Hopefully that’s the one interaction with the police that will change his mind about the cops.”

Officers were told the car’s registration was suspended for lack of insurance and the inspection sticker was faulty, leading officers to tow the car and take the plates. The video shows nearly 20 minutes of back and forth, including the student’s attempt to walk away from the stop and continue a phone call.

In a letter to students, President Alexander Enyedi said he had the opportunity to meet students and professors. He says the conversations have been constructive and are an important part of moving forward as a campus.