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Sterling Heights cops hook up TV of sobbing local

Sterling Heights cops went above and beyond the call of duty last week after arresting a man in a Buick on suspicion of speeding.

The motorist apologized, the officer asked him what was going on and the upset resident replied that he was in distress, having a terrible day and started to sob.

Instead of writing the man a ticket, the officer promised to help him.

The department, which believed what had happened should be reported, shared a video of the incident with Free Press and other news outlets on Wednesday as it reveals “another side of the forces’ forces. order, “said Lieutenant Mario Bastianelli.

“We are the ones who go the extra mile to take care of our residents, and it shows that we have a compassionate side,” the chief information officer said. “People have breaks and we do things outside of our chores to help people.”

In fact, Bastianelli added, it happens more often than people realize in cities across the country. And in that case, the officers would never have mentioned what they did because they were doing just the right thing. ”It was his decision to go public.

Two separate videos taken from the dash cam of the police car show what happened.

At around 7:30 p.m. last Thursday, Constable Kevin Coates arrested the man – whose full name was not disclosed in the press release at the request of the Sterling Heights resident – on Mound Road and 18½ miles away .

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“I am very sorry officer,” the 79-year-old said after getting out of his car. “Everything is bad today.

Coates told the man he was sorry to hear this and suggested they get off the road. The resident told Coates his wife was “really sick” and their adult son was “mentally ill”, then started to cry.

The resident explained that he had just bought a new TV and wanted to plug it in to make his wife happy, but was having a hard time. He had driven to different stores for help, but couldn’t get the help he needed.

Coates said he – and his partner – might be able to help her.

He warned the resident about his speed and said – if the resident wanted – that he would try to connect his television for him. About an hour later, he was at the resident’s home with two other police officers, Remi Verougstraete and Jeremy Jakushevich.

They turned on the TV.

The resident said he couldn’t have connected the TV on his own – and was grateful.

Sterling Heights Police Chief Dale Dwojakowski praised his officers, adding he was proud of them and noted that this was “just another example” of what the police are doing for their community. .

“Our officers have done an amazing job,” said Bastianelli, adding that it was also a chance to show what the police are doing. “A lot of times good things don’t get publicized, and that’s just another good thing we want the public to see.”

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