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Stanley Elliott trial: defendant says it’s not him on the dash cam

A MAN accused of killing a couple at their South Ham home has said footage purporting to show him leaving the scene on his motorbike is actually that of another biker because he ‘didn’t have his headlights on ” and that he had left 25 minutes earlier.

Geoffrey and Michelle Hibbert were found by police, stabbed to death at their Buckland Avenue home in the early hours of Sunday, June 20, 2021.

They had gone out the night before in Reading and left their young son to be babysat by ‘trusted friend’ Stanley Elliott.

Elliott was co-accused of stealing £28,000 from Buzz Bingo with Mr Hibbert in January 2020, which he said planned to ‘take the blame’ as Mr Hibbert feared his son would be taken in charge if he went to jail.

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In Elliott’s ongoing trial at Winchester Crown Court today (Friday), jurors were again shown police dash cam footage, which shows what appears to be a motorbike, driving off the street around 2:06 a.m.

Sarah Jones QC, prosecuting, had previously suggested it was Elliott leaving the scene of the crime.

Testifying, Elliott said he could not be seen in the footage as he left just after 1.40am as he and Mr Hibbert were tired and had not sat down and chatted as they usually would.

He said he left the street without immediately turning on his lights because he feared they were reflecting off the windows of other properties at an unsociable hour.

Ms Jones asked Elliott: ‘So you’re saying there’s another motorcycle and it’s mistaken for you?’

When the defendant agreed, Ms Jones continued: “That’s you, isn’t it? Try to leave as soon as possible.

Elliott replied, “No, those aren’t even my headlights.”

Elliott told the court he stopped on Western Way near Worting Road to check his phone and realized he had left it behind, before continuing his journey home.

Mrs Jones said: ‘Why didn’t you just turn around and get your cell phone?’, to which Elliott replied: ‘I thought [Geoff] said he was tired and wanted to go to bed, and I was tired, so I just zoomed out. It’s not the first time I’ve left it there.

Elliott said from there he continued straight home.

However, Ms Jones told him it appeared from surveillance footage to take a long time to travel between the Worting Road roundabout and the Shell garage.

Ms Jones asked Elliott: ‘Did you do something? Do you have a network video recorder? Did you see PC Sawyers vehicle and did you get off the main road and take one of the side roads to make sure you didn’t see any other officers? »

To each question, Elliott answered “no” and blamed the delay on temporary traffic lights.

Elliott was arrested at his flat at Vidlers Farm, Kiln Road, Sherborne St John shortly after 4am.

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He was taken to Portsmouth Police Station, where he first learned who he was accused of killing.

He had previously told the court that he had an “empty” mind and that his lawyer had advised him to answer all questions “without comment”.

He said: “It was absolutely terrifying. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I was just totally stunned.

When asked how he felt hearing that his friends had died, Elliott replied, “I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

Elliott said that during his interviews, certain memories started to come back to him.

Ms Jones said: ‘So you remembered going to the property and you remembered coming back. But you couldn’t, at this point, remember anything in the middle? Elliott replied “no”.

Referring to evidence given earlier this week regarding Elliott’s brain damage, which can cause him ‘frequent outbursts of aggression and abusive behavior’ that he will not later remember, Ms Jones continued: ‘Do you think that you could have been incredibly aggressive in the gap you had then, and not remember what had happened? »

Elliott said that can’t be the case, as time in prison since “has brought back more memories”.

Ms Jones added: ‘Did you make up your memories? Like when you were going to give a false version of events regarding the Buzz Bing heist, did you do the same thing here? »

Elliott replied, “In your opinion, yes, but in my opinion, no, I didn’t”.

Elliott, 53, denies two counts of murder and the trial continues.

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