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Shimano sports camera review

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The mode system will infuriate some, but other than a few image quality issues, this is a very solid action camera.

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The slim sport camera from Shimano weighs just 87g. It doesn’t need an additional casing for protection, but has a higher waterproof rating than almost any similar camera.

  • Tops : Size, simplicity, protection
  • Low : Confusing LEDs, crisp

External control is possible via Wi-Fi and ANT / ANT + devices, and video can be captured in three modes of 1080HD at 30 frames per second, 640 pixels in slow motion at 240 fps. Still or time-lapse images are taken at 6MP.

The unit only has two small buttons and a pair of LEDs, which display three different colors to indicate modes. Without an LCD screen, you have to memorize the lights to be sure which mode you are in. In testing, we appreciated using the iPhone app to make sure our camera angle was correct – and to make sure the camera was recording well when we thought it was.

It accepts Micro SD cards up to 32GB and comes with a headphone mount, but will fit GoPro mounts. The useful Angle Free mode allows you to set the horizon depending on how the camera is mounted.

The Shimano doesn’t have the ability to customize the capture settings, and we found the interpretation of the LEDs to be both straightforward and confusing – simple before driving, confusing when remembering what each LED is. meant for driving. Battery life is approximately two hours.

In average conditions, the fast f2.0 135- or 180-degree view lens produces good, usable, and dynamic video that excels in low light, but can struggle with some highlights. The overall 180 degree sharpness is lower than that of the GoPro and the distortion sharper. Under certain conditions, there is also an internal reflection from the domed lens cover, but the results are very noticeable.

Watch this place – BikeRadar will follow this brief review with a one-on-one battle between the Shimano sports camera and the GoPro Hero4 in the coming weeks.