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Shimano Action Camera Improved GoPro ActionCam –

While Shimano is famous for making some of the best bicycle components available, the Japanese company has just come out of nowhere to create what seems like a better GoPro – the Shimano CM-1000 sports camera.


The CM-1000’s specs are incredible, and are even more impressive considering this is Shimano’s first foray into action cameras. At just 86 grams – 50 less than a GoPro – Shimano manages to pack in a list of features including a 16MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor (the GoPro has 12) that shoots at 1080p, an f/2.0 lens (great for lowlights), a 240 fps capacity (ideal for slow motion) and a two-hour battery (er, for two hours of activities). Building on that, Shimano gave the Sport Camera Wi-Fi capabilities and created two lens modes so you can go gnarly in a 180- or 135-degree field of view.

While the photo specs are impressive, Shimano went a step further by making this thing waterproof up to thirty feet without a case, and including helmet mounts and adhesives.

But even though they stepped out of their comfort zone, they haven’t forgotten their cycling roots. The camera is built into the ANT+ data system, which lets you add heart rate, power and any other information you’re tracking to your video so you can see how amplified someone is when they turns upside down.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear Editor for Supercompressor. It weighs 940 times more than this camera. Find him on Twitter @ewolffmann.