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Samsung Releases Ultimate Dash Cam microSD Card – Review Geek


You’d think microSD cards would be a bit more durable, considering they’ve been around for so long. But microSD cards are still unreliable. That’s why Samsung is now launching a Endurance PRO microSD card who can survive up to 16 years old of continued use in security cameras, dash cams and other always-on devices.

Let’s clarify something upfront; these Pro Endurance microSD cards are all about durability, not speed. They offer a maximum video write speed of 40 Mbps and a read speed of 100 Mbps. That’s barely enough for 4K video recording, but that’s the tradeoff for durability. (Note that the lower capacity 32GB and 64GB models write at 10Mbps, so you should only use them for cameras with 1080p resolution or lower.)

The Samsung PRO Endurance microSD card

Interestingly, Samsung claims that PRO Endurance microSD cards can withstand extreme temperatures (-13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit), magnetic fields (like that of an MRI scanner), airport X-ray machines, and drops of up to up to 16.4 feet. There’s no official IPX rating, but Samsung claims the microSD card will survive 72 hours in one meter of seawater.

It is clear that these microSD cards could be very useful for outdoor security cameras, dash cams or even drones. And to our surprise, they are relatively cheap. The 32GB PRO Endurance card is just $11, while the larger 256GB model is $55.

You can order the Endurance PRO microSD card now on Samsung’s online store. Again, these microSD cards aren’t very fast, so I wouldn’t suggest using them with products that require fast read or write speeds.

Source: Samsung