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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could debut with a 200MP camera we’ve never seen before

This will beat every 200MP camera we’ve seen on phones to date (hint: none)

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra released earlier this year to critical acclaim. While the next big launch on Samsung’s mind is its upcoming foldable phones, the very first details and rumors of its 2023 flagships have started to trickle in. After all, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Samsung is already hard at work developing the Galaxy S23 lineup. It’s still a few months away, but that doesn’t stop the rumors from going haywire. And if those rumors are true, users aiming for the Ultra could be treated to a terrific camera upgrade.


tipster ice universe (via PhoneArena) is “almost 100% sure” that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera sensor will be a 200MP sensor. It would be a noticeable upgrade, at least in megapixel count, over the current Ultra lineup. The 2020 S20 Ultra sported a 108MP sensor, refined over the next two generations up to the latest S22 Ultra.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard such a rumour, but now we also know that it might sport an “unreleased HP2 sensor” which would likely be better than the previously released ISOCELL HP1 and HP3 200MP sensors. It’s too early to tell by what measures this alleged S23 Ultra exclusivity will be improved – if true, we’ll learn more about it over the coming months – but one of the factors could be larger pixel size. Larger pixel sites mean more light and the ability to get more accurate results.

Being Samsung’s very first time to use a 200MP sensor, chances are the S23 Ultra, if equipped, will have some growing pains. The S20 Ultra was the very first 108MP release from the company and it suffered from a series of issues which were fixed to some extent with the S21 Ultra and then more so with its successor, the S22 Ultra. Additionally, we also have to recognize that megapixel count alone is not an indicator of camera quality. While it’s entirely possible that Samsung is working overtime to avoid more boot issues, it’s always a real possibility, so don’t be surprised if reviews of the S23 Ultra in a few months have a healthy dose of reviews on the camera. You can expect long-term leaks and rumors until next year when this phone finally launches and we finally have all the details and numbers.

In the meantime, we are still waiting for Motorola to introduce us to its X30 Pro with the 200MP HP1 sensor. Some current events have delayed its launch.