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REVIEW: Jurassic Adventure at Mrs. Dowson’s Farm

You don’t go to a farm expecting to see a T-Rex roaming next to the barn, but that’s the adventure that awaits kids – and adults – at Mrs. Dowson.

Jurassic Adventure has entered its final week at the Clayton-le-Dale site (nicknamed Jurassic Farm for the occasion) – Wednesday through Sunday – and if you haven’t been there already, it’s well worth a visit, especially especially for budding paleontologists.

The main attraction is a show performed by three ‘explorers’ depicting their discoveries in a child-friendly way, with a selection of realistic dinosaurs appearing and the chance to interact with the audience.

The show, which takes place at different times of the day, is entertaining and educational and lasts around 20 minutes.

Places are limited, so it might be worth considering bringing a blanket or even a camping chair for extra comfort.

At the end, children are invited to take photos with the individual dinosaurs, although the T-Rex is reserved for a paid photo shoot.

Buying is optional, but since my two were looking at the camera and smiling (a rarity!), we bought one.

It comes in a nice folder, but at £12 for one (or £20 for two) the print quality was a little disappointing. But that’s my only complaint on a delightful dinosaur day.

Lancashire Telegraph: There are also real farm animals to say hello to at Ms Dowson There are also farm animals to say hello to at Mrs. Dowson’s

After encountering prehistoric animals, we went to see the farm animals, via the sandbox and the children’s play area, which should get bigger and better in the not too distant future.

Trying to keep the kids entertained during summer vacation can be expensive.

At Mrs Dowson’s you save 30% by booking online, with a family of four costing just under £46 if you book via the website.

Not the cheapest day out BUT you get what you pay for.

In addition to the dinosaur show, which is included in the price, you have access to the rest of the farm, which includes a duck pond, a petting area with rabbits and guinea pigs, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, deer, donkeys, llamas, water buffalo, wallaby ride as well as an inflatable maze, which seemed like a good practice for the corn maze.

Lancashire Telegraph: you can also get lost in the corn mazeYou can also get lost in the corn maze

If only it had been as simple as the inflatable option! There were times when it started to feel less like an adventure and more like my worst nightmare, but it all added to the sense of accomplishment – ​​and relief! – when we found the exit.

Then it was back to the paddocks to use up the rest of the animal feed, priced at £1 a bag and available on entry to hand feed the majority of farm animals – there are some exceptions , which are explained.

Animals are fairly well spread out on the farm, so if you want to see it all, be prepared to step in, with water buffaloes and deer located in the farthest enclosures.

Lancashire Telegraph: No visit to Mrs Dowson's is complete without a serving of ice creamNo visit to Mrs. Dowson’s is complete without a serving of ice cream

All paddocks are accessible with a stroller, so if you have little people who are mobile but still like to be transported after a while (like me), I recommend having a stroller handy.

No trip to Mrs. Dowson’s is complete, of course, without sampling their delicious ice creams. I also had a lovely latte to end a brilliant day.

Mrs. Dowson isn’t just a farm, it’s an experience.