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Review: Desert Camera – Adventure Beyond the Comfort Zone

Written by Carl Parker. Posted in Media

“My bike brings me closer to people and events from all corners of the world. It is an unstoppable addiction that these priceless moments provide, but at a high personal demand.” – Bastian Brusecke

More tools are available for producing multimedia content than ever before, but that doesn’t mean good storytelling is any easier. Visual storytelling requires being in the right place at the right time to capture spectacular images and video. The best assemble their experiences and material into educational, informative and personally meaningful productions.

In the realm of adventure motorcycle media, few are better than Bastian Brusecke and Alessio Corradini of Rally Cool Photography. cool rally has covered international rally races like the Hellas, Albania and Africa Eco Race for a few years. One thing we learned from working with them is that covering the races is one of the most demanding media jobs imaginable. Their new movie published by Motoventure, desert cameradescribes not only the technical difficulties of recording a race in real time, but also the emotional impact it has on people in front of and behind the cameras.

The challenge is to stay ahead of the runners in the most unique locations. Race photographers often follow in vans or trucks along the course. But to get the best shots, the team equips their own Frankensteined drone. KTM 690s with camera gear to get them where the action is hottest.

DesertCamera 2

From coping with the noise and sleepless nights of bivouac life, to the morning start before the riders set off for each stage of the day, recording everyone’s action and relationships is just as stressful for cool rally than racing teams. There’s no rest for the international crew dealing with the maintenance of their own gear, unpredictable changes in plans and, most importantly, being surrounded by stories that constantly unfold on the runners and their struggles.

desert cameraand its 2017 performance Africa Eco Racehighlights not only the difficulties cool rally had captured the event, but also the camaraderie of the international rally scene and drivers from around the world being pushed to their limits. ADVMoto will release the film in five chapters over the course of five weeks. Although it’s free, 75% of ad revenue will go to cool rally team, so listen and help keep cool rally rolling!

Evaluation: ★★★★
Editor: Motoventure
Authors: Bastian Brusecke, Alessio Corradini and Sandra Biegun
Director: Constantin Schumann
Editing: Christian Berjaminski, Robert Kirschner and Julian Misiorny
Cost: Free online or 15 euros at

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