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Residents of the Capital Region Help Solve Crimes

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Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, gained national attention earlier this month after Petito went missing and Laundrie returned to his parents’ Florida home without his girlfriend. He never reported her missing and refused to speak to authorities.

The two were traveling across the country, visiting national parks and other landmarks, and documenting their adventures online with the hashtag #vanlife.

The heavy media attention to Petito has led amateur “sleuths” to scour the internet in an attempt to find and share clues and help solve the case of what, exactly, happened to Petito.

A YouTuber was instrumental in helping local police recover the young woman’s body. YouTuber’s dash cam video captured Petito’s van in the woods of Wyoming.

The strong and significant public involvement in this case led Brian, Chrissy and I to ask Times Union readers and WGNA listeners to share a moment when they helped solve a crime.

Listen above.

People across the country are obsessed with Gabby Petito’s death. Residents of the Capital Region talk about times they helped solve KGB crimes this week on WGNA.

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