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Qld native dies in police fight | Newcastle Herald

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A native Queensland man died during a “violent fight” with police which also left two slightly injured. Two other men are on the run after fleeing the scene of the incident in Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, around 12:30 p.m. Thursday. Officers took to a street near the heart of the regional city after a member of the public said they saw a group of people behaving suspiciously in a vehicle. By the time officers arrived, they had determined the Subaru had been stolen, Deputy Commissioner Mike Condon told reporters. “On their arrival, the police tried to stop the occupants of the vehicle,” he said. Two men fled. The third died at the scene. “During an altercation with the police, a 27 year old man lost consciousness, the police immediately provided first aid. Paramedics arrived quickly and continued to work on the man but he was unable to The incident is treated as a death in custody and is investigated by the Ethics Standards Command of the Police Department, under the supervision of the State Coroner and the Commission against the crime and corruption. officers, “Mr. Condon said. He did not comment on how the man became unconscious, but he said there were witnesses. in a stolen vehicle.” the police officers involved suffered from breathing difficulties and the other had minor unspecified injuries. Both were taken to St Vincent Hospital in satisfactory condition. They have yet to be interviewed, but Mr Condon said it will likely happen within 24 hours. “The normal process is for them to step back for a few days to get together, but that really depends on the individual. But we’re here to support them.” He said little was known about the dead man other than that he was 27 and a “First Nations person” born in the town of Mitchell on the Western Downs. “We are still trying to speed up these cases to make sure the community has full confidence in the investigation. We don’t have all the answers yet.” Until these investigations are completed, I hope that common sense will apply in the community, and we are working together to make sure that once the outcome is known people will fully understand what happened. The incident happened in Stone Street, Wilsonton. Police want to hear from anyone with a cell phone or dash cam. Australian Associated Press


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