Plymouth Library of Things lends everyday items

PLYMOUTH – The Plymouth Public Library celebrated its 30th anniversary on South Street with a major addition to its collection last week.

As of Friday, the library began lending out everyday items that people might be interested in trying, but don’t necessarily want to buy.

Welcome to the Library of Things – a collection of musical instruments, board games, small appliances and sports equipment that can be borrowed for two weeks at a clip.

Library Director Kelsey Casey said the new collection is designed to meet the library’s mission of collecting and providing material for the educational and cultural, recreational and informational needs and interests of the people of Plymouth. . It’s as much about giving people a taste as it is about providing an affordable opportunity to try something new.

The Library of Things includes two sewing machines.

Wondering what the pickle craze is, for example? The library has a set ready for loan.

Want to explore the great outdoors? The library has hiking poles, snowshoes, camping chairs and binoculars.

Thinking of starting a group? Choose an instrument – the library features a universal keyboard, mandolin, ukuleles, bongos, cabasa, lyre harp, kalimba, and electronic drum mat.

The Library of Things includes an assortment of board games.

The Library of Things also has specialty cooking equipment, including a three-course slow cooker and popcorn machine, as well as two sewing machines (an overlock) and a pressure washer.

“It’s meant to provide services and materials that people might not want to invest money in or be able to invest money in,” Casey said, noting that pressure washers are great tools. for homeowners, but are typically only used once or twice a year. “We store it and maintain it and they can come in, use it, and then it will be passed on to other people. It’s a great way for people to improve their lives in terms of accessing new things, trying new things.

The Library of Things offers an assortment of lawn games and outdoor equipment.

The Library of Things opened with 35 items in circulation, but Casey said she expects this to increase as people discover opportunities and express interest in things currently not available.

The rules are relatively simple and will be familiar to library users. Library of Things items have a 14 day loan period and renewals are not permitted.

The Library of Things includes a three-pot slow cooker.

Customers must have a valid Old Colony Library Network Card and sign an agreement form for all checkouts. If an item has already been checked out, it can be put on hold for future use, but all items must be returned to the loan office in person. They cannot be returned to another library or returned to the Book Depository.

The library welcomes community feedback and will review requests for items that are not already in the collection.

The Library of Things is located in three different places in the main library. Leisure equipment, lawn games and outdoor equipment, board games and household items are available on the shelves in the main periodical room. Musical instruments are available on the shelves of the Bongiovanni Music Room. Electronic equipment like the karaoke machine and GoPro camera are located in the main office.

So the next time you can’t find anything fun to do, go borrow the GoPro camera and hiking poles, shoot an adventure, then project it for your friends on the 4.5-meter inflatable movie screen. the library. Don’t forget to check out the popcorn maker for snacks.

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