Phil Collins will be toasted on camera over his ex-wife’s alcohol and drug allegations

Notoriously private Phil collins will be forced to respond to the deeply personal demands of his ex-wife, Orianne bates, who says the musician abused alcohol and pain relievers and recently went a whole year without showering.

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According to The daily mail, the internationally acclaimed 70-year-old superstar is set to be dropped off in front of the camera in December at the end of his band Genesis’ comeback tour, The last domino.

Collins’ testimony will be used as part of his 46-year-old ex-wife’s trial to secure 50% of the former couple’s Miami Beach house, which she claims she verbally promised him.

Collins allegedly tried to stop Bates from suing him for half of the residence that previously belonged to Jennifer lopez, but the Miami judge Carlos guzman ruled earlier this month that Bates’ attorney, Richard Wolfe, could request a subpoena to question the musician under oath.

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According to Bates, the Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winner started drinking heavily and taking prescription pills in 2017, alleging he “would fall from the combination of drugs. prescription and excess alcohol ”.

She said Collins had “collapsed on stage when performing because he was so weakened he could not stand” and “on several occasions he hit his head in falling and went to hospitals under a pseudonym “.

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This was around the time Collins revealed he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He said he developed an infected abscess on his foot, which was treated with a hyperbaric chamber.

He was due to start a return tour but was forced to cancel following a fall in a hotel room on his way to the bathroom. He hit his head and got a bad gash near his eye, which required stitches.

At the time, his representatives said he was suffering from “‘drop foot’ following back surgery which made it difficult to walk.”

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In 2019, Bates said Collins “has become more and more depressed, withdrawn [and] abusive. “The operation, she said, had made him” more and more addicted to antidepressants and pain relievers. “

“He was unable to have sex,” she said. “He stopped showering, brushing his teeth and dressing properly (in fact, he did not shower or brush his teeth from 2019 until August 2020, when he left [their Miami Beach home]). “

Collins’ legal team dismissed his ex-wife’s claims as “completely irrelevant” to the dispute over the house, calling them “outrageous, slanderous, unethical and, for the most part, patently false or grossly exaggerated “.

But a source familiar with the situation told the publication that “questions about Phil’s state of mind, mental state, personal behavior and actions” could help “convince a jury that the spirit of Phil has been affected by suspected drug and alcohol use.

“Certainly, while questions regarding his hygiene and intimate interactions with her may seem trivial, it can potentially paint a picture of the unusual nature of their relationship,” the insider said, predicting that “this is going to be uncomfortable for Phil. because he’s notoriously shy and private. “

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Bates was Collins’ third and last wife. They married from 1999 to 2008 and had two sons: Nicholas, 19, and Matthew, 15.

As part of their divorce settlement, the musician had to pay his ex a record $ 46.76 million.

In August, she married a musician and businessman from Miami Thomas bates. The newlyweds continue to live in the house Orianne once shared with Phil.

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