Dash cam

Personal dash cam catches spinning car in accident in Fort Worth

A couple say they are disgusted after a Fort Worth hit and run was caught on their personal dash cam.

The video of the spinning crash along I-35 W is shocking.

But what’s even worse? Less than a minute after the impact, the person in the other car drove off.

Crisol Duffin’s dash cam captured it all when another driver traveling in the same direction north on 35W near Meacham Blvd. just crash into it. It was Sunday around 5 a.m.

Police said the other car was trying to pass Duffin in the right lane when he failed to clear his lane for a lane change, hitting Duffin and causing her to skid.

“The only thing I could think of was grabbing my steering wheel really fast and really hard and letting the car do what it was going to do because I couldn’t do anything else. It was so quick,” said she declared. “It was so terrifying. I thought I was going to hit the wall and roll. That’s what I thought would happen then.”

As Crisol sat in a grassy area watching the driver who rammed into her, he began to move his vehicle, but not to a safer position. The person has just taken off.

“What a coward. Not even to come see me. What kind of person is that?” she says.

Crisol’s husband, Eric Duffin, was sleeping at home at the time and rushed to the scene of the accident. He recently installed the dash cam due to another traffic incident involving their car being hit.

“I saw the video probably an hour after the accident because I had to take the video off the dashcam and upload it,” he said. “I was absolutely disgusted. I was disgusted. How can a person just walk away without even watching someone? Yeah, I was disgusted.”

Fort Worth police are investigating Sunday’s crash, including a careful review of high-quality and disturbing video.

The accident left Crisol with a serious neck injury and the realization that it could have been much worse. They share the video with intention.

“I hope people can become more aware of the type of drivers and the aggression. And I also hope that this person or someone can help. And this person is held accountable for what they have done” , Crisol said. “I just want this person to be responsible.”