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Pennsylvania candidate hit with protective order – Times News Online

HONESDALE — A candidate in next month’s Republican primary for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania was ordered this week to stay away from his home after his wife reported physical and mental abuse to get a court order protection.

Teddy Daniels has been accused of uttering threats, saying he would kill the family dog ​​and grabbing his wife by the shirt.

The woman also told a Pennsylvania judge that Daniels harassed her at work, “shouting at me, making me cry” and that he continually insulted her and threatened to throw her out of the house.

Daniels, 47, is one of nine candidates for the GOP nomination in the state’s May 17 primary, with the endorsement of a leading gubernatorial contender, Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano. of Franklin County.

Both are strong supporters of former President Donald Trump. Daniels said he, like Mastriano, stood outside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, insurgency riot.

Responding to his wife’s accusations, Daniels vowed to stay in the running and claimed without evidence that he was the target of “political terrorism” intended to harm his campaign.

In an email Thursday afternoon, Daniels said the “unsubstantiated allegations” were a “politically motivated attack on me and my family” and directed questions to a lawyer. Daniels did not explain how his wife’s allegations would be politically motivated.

A Wayne County judge on Tuesday granted Daniels’ wife temporary protection from abuse. Under the order, Daniels was kicked out of his home in a gated community in the Poconos and banned from having any contact with her. The judge also gave Daniels’ wife temporary custody of their child and ordered Daniels to surrender his weapons.

In a three-page handwritten petition, the woman wrote that Daniels, who is 6ft 4in and 360 pounds (1.9 meters and 163 kilograms), is ‘still mad at me’ and curses her ‘continually’, threatening to kick her and their son out of the house if he loses the campaign.

He hurled verbal insults at their son, she said in the petition. He also blocked her from seeing her family and told her she couldn’t attend a family funeral, she wrote.

Daniels’ wife told authorities in her application for a protective order that he had “numerous” guns and knives in the house. “I’m scared of him and what he’s going to do to me,” she wrote.

She requested the protective order after saying Pennsylvania State Police troopers came to their Lake Ariel home on Sunday for a wellness check. After they left, she said, Daniels was “verbally abusive” and “became very agitated about who called the state troopers.”

She said she then called the state police, who suggested her husband go somewhere else for the night to “cool things off.”

At 6 a.m. on Monday, she wrote, her husband came home, asked her if she planned to apply for a protective order and tried to stop her from leaving, she wrote. . Daniels then followed her to the courthouse, she wrote.

Last August, she said, Daniels grabbed her shirt, pulled it up to her face and said, “Don’t ever talk to me like that,” the petition read. He also threatened to kill the family dog ​​and has already attempted suicide twice, his wife said.

A hearing on the protective order was scheduled for next week.

Daniels has a combative campaigning style that has drawn complaints of name-calling from two other candidates, and he recently told an opponent in a Facebook video swap that he planned to confront him in person.

The Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania chairs the State Board of Pardons and is next in line in the event of the state executive director’s disability or death.

Daniels released a statement late Wednesday saying state police were investigating the situation with his wife. Without providing evidence, he accused Rolling Stone magazine, which first published information about the abuse protection order, of being “closely involved in a series of phone calls to the police since out of state where false police reports were made”. against me at home.

Rolling Stone editor Noah Shachtman responded to Daniels’ claims on Thursday with a short statement via email: “We stand by our story.”

Daniels also posted a half-hour Facebook Live video on Wednesday in which he said he was “run over” or targeted by fake calls leading police to his home.

“I got hit by a lot of cannonballs at close range,” Daniels said on the show. “My friends, I don’t give up and I don’t give up.”

He said his wife repeatedly asked him to quit the race “because of the weight of the world that was bearing down on us. And I told him, I said, ‘I love you, but I’m not letting go. I don’t give up. That’s what they want, and I’m not going to let them win.

Earlier this month, Daniels warned fellow Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Russ Diamond that he would confront him over Diamond’s April 14 Facebook post, which raised questions about Daniels’ record of being a law enforcement, disability status and family life.

“I’m curious to see what you’re going to do with a man standing in front of you, now that you want to bring my wife into things,” Daniels told Diamond. “You are the lowest, dirtiest, dirtiest form of a thing on the face of the earth. And boy, you stung the wrong bear.

Two other GOP lieutenant governor candidates have publicly called on Daniels to stop what they see as negative attacks and name-calling.

A former police officer and Army veteran, Daniels recently promoted a campaign-related giveaway of a personalized rifle. A video with a helmet camera that Daniels recorded of himself being shot while on patrol in Afghanistan has been viewed online millions of times.


Scolforo reported from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

FILE – This Oct. 28, 2021, photo then shows Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels as he speaks during a podcast-style taped discussion in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Daniels is now a candidate in next month’s Republican primary for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. A Wayne County judge granted a temporary protective order from abuse to Daniels’ wife on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. Daniels was ordered to stay away from home after his wife made allegations of physical abuse and mental. (Jake Danna Stevens/The Times-Tribune via AP, file)