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Arrest after police stop oncoming lorry on the A52 Saxondale

Police officers were bitten and punched while detaining three suspects following reckless driving involving a flatbed pickup entering oncoming traffic and hitting a car and swerving with a another in a ditch.

The driver of the car hit by the truck was also assaulted following the collision on Saxondale Island on the A52 at around 6.30 p.m. on Friday July 9.

Response officers arrived and discovered that the platform was still rolling despite the damage caused by the collision and the flat front tires.

The police stopped the vehicle and the three men inside became aggressive and attacked the police.

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One of the officers was bitten in the arm and the other was punched in the incident.

The officer who was bitten went to the hospital as a precaution, but the injuries to the officers and the assaulted driver did not endanger his life or change his life.

A man was arrested at the scene and two others were found shortly after by other officers responding to a call for assistance.

39-year-old man arrested on suspicion of assault, police assault, failure to stop at the scene of a collision, driving while incapacitated due to alcohol or drugs , prohibited driving and dangerous driving.

A 41-year-old man and a 30-year-old man were each arrested on suspicion of assault and police assault.

Chief Inspector Steven O’Neill of Nottinghamshire Police said:

“This was an incredibly dangerous incident with the suspect vehicle reported by a number of motorists as having been driven erratically, slipping dangerously through traffic and heading towards oncoming traffic.

“Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but it could have been a lot worse.

“The assaults against the other driver and the police are also treated extremely seriously.

“The police come to work to keep people safe and that they are assaulted doing this is just amazing.

“Three people have been arrested in connection with the incident and I hope this will reassure the public that we are dealing with incidents like this quickly and firmly.”

Anyone who has witnessed the incident or has onboard camera footage that may be of assistance to the investigation is urged to contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101, citing incident number 701 of July 9, 2021.

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Goodbye free radicals, hello healthy body – Boulder Daily Camera

The C-60 of Greska

Bob greska

Some people call it “electrons in a bottle”. Greska’s carbon 60 contains 60 carbon atoms – an ingredient commonly referred to as C60, carbon 60, or fullerene. Carbon 60 stabilizes the imbalanced molecules in your body, these imbalanced molecules (free radicals) cause inflammation, fatigue, muscle stiffness and many other problems in the body. Scientists believe that C60 exhibits unique antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help stabilize free radicals – molecules notoriously linked to aging and diseases such as heart disease and visual impairment. Greska Carbon 60 contains over 100 billion Carbon 60 molecules per serving. It’s black and tasteless. Just carbon 60 and organic sunflower oil. But what does this mean and what can carbon 60 do for you? Let’s take a step back, however, and find out more about the man behind the product that helps boost the body’s immunity and ability to heal itself.

“From my childhood I could see the level of the microscope in my mind,” says Bob Greska. “I’ve been an inventor my whole life. Bob remembers testing his science teacher’s claim that gravity and mass attract each other at the age of 8.

At home, he hung two lead weights on ropes from the ceiling and, of course, the mace kept them closer together at the bottom. As for his love of science, Bob was off for the races. After studying materials science, specifically carbon, Bob worked for Lockheed Missile and Space as a process engineer to oversee the fabrication of the ceramic billets used for the Space Shuttle Columbia’s re-entry heat shield tiles. . Then came a move to Littleton to provide materials engineering support for carbon fiber spacecraft structures at Martin Marietta Aerospace. He provided design support for the Boeing 767 aircraft engine nacelle. He worked on the Venus Magellan probe and the maneuvering unit. Yes, the space backpack. Bob specified, coordinated and supervised the testing of critical components of the Carbon spacecraft for special programs. He was the “point man” of materials genius at NASA. His list of accomplishments is too long for this article, but suffice it to say that he invented everything from robot arms to glass chucks and hyperbaric chambers to energy return crutches. So how did it go from braiding carbon to using it to restore body health?

Having worked with carbon for 40 years, Greska knew he had applications for magnets and as a lubricating additive for engine oil. “I think I know how to do this,” he thought once in typical Bob fashion. In the lab he went and over the next two years he developed and refined a method to create food grade carbon 60 without solvents. He didn’t yet know how positive his C-60 would be for the human body, but he was about to find out.

Greska’s C-60 is clean and incredibly bioavailable, giving it tremendous toxin-fighting power at the cellular level. When molecules in the body lack electrons, they do not function properly and are prone to poisoning, which makes you sick. This is where C-60 works, donating electrons to molecules that lack one. With these completely new molecules, the body can heal itself. A free radical toxin is a real electron thief, but it cannot resist the electron offered by C-60, which neutralizes and stabilizes it so that it cannot do more damage.

The C-60 of GreskaWho benefits from using the Greska C-60?
“Older people see a great benefit in using it,” says Greska. “After four days, almost anyone can feel a lot more energy in their body and clarity of mind. Unlike most things that sound too good to be true, Greska’s C-60 promotes reduced inflammation, healthy joints, athletic performance, healthy aging, increased energy, and mental health. Testimonies of his kindness abound, as you will find by reading the reviews at Greska’s C-60 is a super detoxifier.

One serving is one-eighth of a teaspoon. Carbon particles are 200,000 times smaller than antioxidants in food, so their mobility is unmatched. This carbon penetrates cell walls, donating electrons to molecules that must be complete again, doing an incredible job of restoration.

Greska Carbon 60 takes advantage of blending the benefits of sunflower oil into its carbon 60 product. Sunflower oil contains vitamins E, A, C and D. Unlike olive oil, sunflower oil contains vitamins E, A, C and D. Sunflower oil is beneficial for the skin, can help regenerate new skin cells, reduce wrinkles, and help your skin get rid of acne-causing bacteria. Vitamin E and oleic acid in sunflower oil, together with the benefits of carbon 60, can help protect the skin’s collagen and elastin, reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face, and prevent damage caused by UV. Astonishing!

Bob Greska and his team invite you to try a seven-day trial for just $ 12, shipped for free. Can Carbon 60 Really Help You Clear Your Mind, Improve Your Health, And Keep You From Getting Sick?

There is only one way to find out. Call 720.600.6040 or go online at

* Disclaimer: Greska’s Carbon-60TM or Carbon 60, Inc. makes no health claims regarding its product: Greska’s Carbon-60. Carbon-60TM from Greska has purchased this advertising space for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice or instruction. Greska believes that all information, statements, suggestions and product descriptions for this product are correct and correct. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor or health care provider for medical advice. Liability for Greska’s Carbon-60TM or Carbon 60, Inc .: Greska’s Carbon-60TM or Carbon 60, Inc. limits its liability to the amount of the purchase price of its product. By using the product, you accept and accept the limits of its liability. All wholesale, bulk and private label orders are made at the FOB shipping point (onboard freight shipping point).

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Extreme sports see increased demand as people crave adrenaline

  • Adventure sports company Extreme told Insider demand has increased during the pandemic.
  • Some companies attribute the adrenaline rush to the extended indoors lockdown last year.
  • The industry has 490 million participants worldwide, grossing over $ 200 billion annually.
  • See more stories on the Insider business page.

Sydney Dunham, a 20-year-old Colorado College student, embarked on her first rock climbing hike in January as she and her friends trekked to the limestone cliffs of Shelf Road, Colorado.

“I fell halfway, I really didn’t think I could go any further,” Dunham told Insider. “But I decided to muster all my remaining strength and try one last time… completing this climb has been one of the most intensely satisfying experiences of my life.”

Dunham, like many others, decided to pursue a new hobby during the pandemic. Seeking thrills beyond baking bread or crochet, she joined a bouldering room near her college.

“Going into the escalation has become a way to release all the tension built up from confinement during the pandemic,” she said. “I felt a sense of extreme excitement just to try something new, especially something that pushed me as a person.”

Climbing is just one sport that fuels the adventure economy, an industry with around 490 million participants. Popular activities include ziplining, rafting, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, and skydiving.

Alistair Gosling, CEO of the Extreme adventure sports company, told Insider he has seen a “significant increase” in adventure sports and extreme sports around the world.

Gosling believes the significant shift in consumer demand for more adventurous pursuits is the result of last year’s indoors lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NY Zipline Canopy Adventure Tours told Insider he has more customers than ever before and usually sells a week or two in advance. Owner Bradd Morse said the main challenge is staffing – he typically needs 70 employees but has only been able to hire 28.

“Maybe people are just saying ‘you know what, I’m going to check this out, I don’t know how long life is going to be here,” “said Dr Luana Marques, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. . Initiated. “I think the reality of this uncertainty can lead people to adopt riskier behaviors.”

Studies show that when people arrive at a skydiving facility, they experience high levels of stress and anxiety. However, immediately after landing, participants experience a “peak of happiness” as the brain is flooded with adrenaline and dopamine.

“While we don’t have hard data documenting that the percentage of people seeking extreme sports is higher now than before the pandemic, we could hypothesize that the constant re-evaluation of their lives by people over the course of of the past year… live more in the moment and take higher risks, ”said Marques.

Companies supplying the adventure sports industry, such as GoPro, have also seen huge spikes in revenue. GoPro May 2021 profits show a 71% year-over-year increase in revenue, totaling $ 204 million. The company’s best-selling product was the Hero9 Black, a $ 400 action camera.

Extreme said sales of extreme sports equipment in 2020 were double that of the previous year, leading many stores to sell. According to a Research dive report, the global adventure tourism industry is expected to more than double over the next six years.

“I enjoyed the baking of bread and the self-reflection that comes with the isolation of the pandemic,” Dunham said. “But it also created a need to get out there and live life to the extreme.”

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Euro 2020: The art of grand tournament editing

There was a B side to Euro ’96.

While Three Lions supported England’s dizzying race to the semi-finals, another song was the soundtrack of the descent.

It was chosen by television producers Craig South and Jonathan Sides.

In charge of putting together a montage of the English tournament, the couple chose Cast’s Walkaway, a Britpop lament for lost causes and bitter ends, for the closing music.

Their work does not exist anywhere online.

But to a generation of English fans, this riff is instantly reminiscent of gray shirts on a pitch black night, moving away from what could have been.

In 2018, some of those same images were put on a new song. For a new group of fans, to tell a new story.

Ahead of England’s World Cup quarter-final against Sweden, Gary Lineker presented a two-minute film.

Over the strings of “England” from The National, he pulled together the team’s miserable shootout history and occasional glory days with their success against Colombia four days before.

It ended with the music disappearing and Gareth Southgate, the fall guy of 1996, the head coach of 2018, screaming with joy from the stands.

It struck a chord.

“Easily one of the best things I have ever seen. Goosebumps,” wrote an English fan. while uploading the film. external link

And Twitter accepted. The video in this article has been viewed 2.3 million times and retweeted over 22,000 times.

“The edits are huge for us,” said Mark Woodward, BBC Football Creative Manager.

“Without wanting to sound too pretentious, all television is about creating something in the viewer.

“The montages are there to create emotion. They spark that visceral anticipation, but they also take you back to the past, to where you were when those great moments happened, the places you were, the people you were with. were, how the country felt. “

Creating them was easier, but more stressful.

Often faced with deadlines, producers physically cut the tapes together, their creativity limited by a handful of camera angles and the music library their employers had built up.

Now, over 40 cameras follow the action in every Euro 2020 game, showing slow motion, super slow motion and ultra slow motion footage. A multitude of effects and filters can be added in the editing suite.

As production values ​​have increased, the concepts have become more ambitious.

Ahead of Wales’ opener against Switzerland on BBC One, goalkeeper and part-time artist Owain Fon Williams painted scenes from Euro 2016 that came to life.

Scotland’s arrival at a first international tournament in 23 years was greeted with an overview of the country and its footballing history, from the Glenfinnan Viaduct to David Marshall’s shooting stop.

But one thing is always more important than anything: the music.

“I don’t like to do what’s expected,” explained Woodward.

“The danger with edits is thinking one size fits all. You could have a new single, something from Cardi B say. It could be awesome, current and on the charts.

“But you have to really dig deep into what you mean and what you want the music to do.

“I have used classical music before, Polish folk groups, Arabian Oud music, the more eclectic you can be, the better.

“You can take inspiration from anywhere, it can be a snippet of a piece of a documentary, something in the background of a movie, anywhere.”

Kevin Evans found it in John Lewis.

Evans, Woodward’s counterpart at BT Sport, was shopping one day when something caught his ear. He ran to the store speaker for Shazamexternal link the intriguing trail.

But, for a special occasion, Evans and Woodward like to bring more than a recording to a montage.

Biffy Clyro reworked a track called This is the One for the opening of the BBC’s Scotland campaign. And BT Sport marked the end of this Champions League with an epic four-minute film starring indie pop group London Grammar.external link

“The most important thing for me is the music, it’s the most important element, it’s the hook, that’s where you get the hair on the back of your neck,” Evans said.

Chelsea London Grammar fans made the soundtrack of BT Sport’s Champions League closing cutout

“We went to London Grammar with our concept storyboard which involved bringing out the elements throughout the year, snow, heat, rain.

“The song was Lose Your Head, which refers to a mirror in the first verse and we wanted to have that reflective element. We built a reflective stage, with reflective ground, and then with the effects, there were a lot of shots going on. mirror in transition between the match the images and the performance of the group. “

Editing planning began in January, with Evans and his editing team for 10 days weaving the band’s performance into action.

Woodward has a shorter deadline. His team started planning for the Euro’s closing fixture in mid-June, after the first round of matches, before England’s run extended to the final.

The goal is still the same. To bottle the flash of the live moment. To capture the feeling of a summer. To move people.

“When the music, concept, and imagery come together perfectly, that’s when you hit the lode,” said Woodward.

After Sunday’s final, when the credits roll, when the football has come home or gone, we’ll see if he succeeds.

BBC Around Reading Image Banner - BlueFooter - Blue

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Unruly Crowd Twerks, Fight Police In Metra Parking Tower: Cops

OAK LAWN, IL – Oak Lawn cops discovered a gathering of 60 people on the top floor of the Metra Station parking tower when they responded to a call Thursday night from a reckless driver in the parking tower , police said.

At around 9 p.m., officers were dispatched to Metra Station Park Tower, 5160 Museum Drive, after receiving a complaint about a reckless driver inside the suburban parking lot. As officers moved up the parking levels, they found approximately 25 vehicles and 60 people on the top floor. Police said most of the crowd were in their late teens and early twenties.

As the officer exited his police car, a group of women from the crowd started dancing and twerking around and on the hood of the police vehicle, according to a press release. The officer attempted to take control of one of the women, when police said she had started to fight with the officer.

The woman was able to get into a vehicle and escape with the help of the crowd. Moments later, officers found the vehicle the woman entered, where another male occupant of the vehicle began to descend to the floor, police said.

Police said the man refused the police orders and was removed from the vehicle. The man continued to ignore the officers’ orders and instead began to physically fight with the officers, police said.

The officer was forced to deploy his Taser, and officers were able to take control and take him into custody, police said. A second man was also the victim of a Taser when he “approached another officer aggressively in a threatening manner,” the press release said.

At that point, members of the crowd began to flee in their vehicles at high speed, nearly hitting officers and other vehicles, police said. A request for help was sent by other police departments and the parking tower was finally secured. An Oak Lawn officer also suffered minor injuries during the incident.

Three adults were arrested and charged with offenses, including:

  • Orlando Wilkins, 25, of the 18600 block of Lyn Court, Homewood, charged with resisting a peace officer and aggravated assault;
  • Nathan Branch, 19, of 9600 block in South Union, Chicago – resistance to a peace officer, reckless driving and possession of cannabis;
  • Jashaun Johnson, 22, from 100 block of Washington Street, Park Forest – three counts of resisting a peace officer, a battery leader

Oak Lawn Police also released police dash cam video of a yellow Dodge Charger appearing to flee east through the alley at 5160 Museum Drive behind the businesses on 95th Street. The car was traveling at an estimated speed of 100 miles per hour, endangering the lives of anyone in the area, police said.

“This type of lawlessness and willful disregard for the safety of the community and our officers will not be tolerated,” police said in a written statement. The Oak Lawn Police Department will use all resources at its disposal to ensure the safety of residents, businesses and visitors. “

Police are actively working to identify the driver of the yellow Dodge Charger and others involved in what they describe as a melee. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Oak Lawn Police Department at 708-422-8292 or the phone line at 708-613-8477.

~ Police dash cam video provided by Oak Lawn Police Department

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GovQA’s Flexible Case Processing Technologies Can Help Maryland Agencies Prepare for Proposed Body Camera Legislation

Copyright 2021 PR Newswire. All rights reserved

FORT WASHINGTON, Maryland., July 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Maryland Joins Growing List of States Across The Nation That Have Passed Legislation To Equip Officers In All Its Police Departments With Body Cameras And Are Struggling With The Downside Costs Of Storage, Review And Distribution images, according to GovQA. GovQA’s public recordings request management software processes more FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for state and local governments than any other software vendor, including body camera video editing through Veritone Redact integration .

“The biggest challenge with the obligation of a body camera for each Maryland police officer by 2025 will be the resources to comply with the volume and complexity of information that must be reviewed, redacted and approved before it is released, ”said Jennifer snyder, Chief Evangelist at GovQA.

A representative from GovQA will attend the 2021 National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference and Exhibition (#NACoANN) in Prince George County, Maryland, to answer questions about the company’s automated solutions for processing public registration requests at booth # 117.

The requirements for body cameras within law enforcement agencies are increasing rapidly. The number of law enforcement agencies adopting body camera programs is estimated to have more than doubled between 2013 and 2018 in United States.

GovQA, along with Veritone and other major technology partners, will offer a free webinar on August 24, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. EDT Show how public safety agencies can take a proactive approach to automate their public record management process and draft requested audio / video files, while remaining compliant in a secure cloud environment. Prior registration is recommended.

The webinar is open to (and the information presented will apply to) participants from all 50 states. The webinar is particularly relevant for agencies in Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, new York, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine who have recently passed or have pending police reform legislation that has a direct impact on public records / FOIA.

GovQA is the only SaaS-based public folder management platform capable of securing end-to-end public folder disclosure workflows for any type of document, including electronic documents, videos and audio files. Through its strategic relationship with Veritone, creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE ™, GovQA customers are able to automate the writing of sensitive information within video and audio evidence up to ‘90% faster than manual methods.

“Police departments that proactively prepare for the state’s body camera mandate will fare much better than those that don’t,” Snyder said. Visit or contact us here to learn more.

About GovQA

GovQA is the leading provider of cloud-based SaaS automated workflow solutions for government compliance. Customers use GovQA software to more easily process and manage public records and inquiries from citizens, media and other government offices. With 20 years of experience, GovQA combines reliable tools and security, proven government expertise, and a scalable platform that enables cities, counties and state agencies to securely collect and control sensitive information. time within, between and outside governments. Visit for more information.

Media contact:

Patrick mclaughlin, Markit Strategies & PR for GovQA

[email protected]


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Joann Szczepkowski drives an Outback, but leaves a Legacy

Joann Szczepkowski – Runner Joann and I share the same year and the same day of birth. She recently asked me what time of day I was born. I told him, “It was a dark, stormy night under a waxing moon and the North Philly streetcars were roaring like thunder as the beagles howled.” Joann first appeared on the running scene 10 years ago and has since set 13 state records across three age groups at eight different distances. New to the 75-79 age group, she is looking for even more records to claim. Joann can drive an Outback, but the woman leaves a Legacy.

Teacher dissociating – Rich paper was a student at the College of Marine Studies in the late 1980s. He was a runner I called The Dissociating Professor because to train long distances you have to think about something other than what you are doing. Abstract intellectual thinkers can run for hours while concrete thinkers who only live in the moment say to themselves, “Fake this mess !!” For what purpose? ”Dr. Paperno holds the Delaware 10K record of 30:39 set in 1988.

The bridge – “Take a good look around, this is your hometown.” – Bruce Springsteen. This song was played on my satellite radio as I stepped out of the DMV inspection lane on Tuesday. It took me back to May 1976, when the Cape Boys Track and Field had just won the Division II State Championship held at Delaware State College. I was the new coach, with Bill collick and Charlie Hickox. What we had in common: we weren’t a coach Tom hickman – no one had any property on this mountain. The athletes grabbed the trophy and circled the track back. Ragged golden sweats and faded white uniforms looked like peeled bananas. Their ragged randomness was harmonious, a fused team of community characters who would maintain a lifelong loyalty to each other and to the coaches. Tom Hickman was there and said to me: “Take a good look around you [This is your hometown]; these kids do more to bring this community together than any school board member or politician. We can only learn from them. There was Tyrone Gibbs, Gilbert Maull, Dennis Robinson, Bilbo Dunning, Vaughn Trammel, Wayne Warren, Jay Reed, Lance White, Kirwan Street, Ronnie Jefferson, Quinton Phillips, Jon McNair, Chico Beckett, Angelo Shugart, Billy Duffy, Nick Miller, Hiram Carter . Gay Allen was a girl in the boys’ team. I’m doing this from memory, and I’m sure I’m missing a few people. Sesame Street by the sea. If you were born in the village and go back five generations, just be careful not to marry your cousin, and, yes, this is your hometown, but as they say in the “Streets of Philadelphia” (Bruce), “Who did you beat? Maybe not my hometown, but I’m a friend nonetheless.

Going Tex Flannery – John Francis Tex Flannery was a longtime football coach at LaSalle College High School in Philly. Tex passed away in November 2007. Every sportsman in Philly knew Tex, a former bar owner. After retiring from coaching, he would sometimes just go to practice and sit in the stands waiting for someone to share stories with. If you knew him, he knew you. I spoke to him one afternoon at a Temple practice after I delivered Tommy sheehan at the owl’s nest. Athletes spend an afternoon sharing stories – it doesn’t get better. Last week I stayed away from outdoor field hockey on Lina fred‘s first night and later skipped the Mid-Atlantic Lifeguard Championships, where Mikey fred participated in the Dewey Beach Patrol. “They don’t need to be followed by a grandfather with a camera that weighs more than his head,” I told Susan. “I go down.” “Come on Tex Flannery, sit on a bench and talk to people and leave your camera at home. Can you do that?” The answer is, I haven’t reached that level of Zen and probably never will.

Extracts – “If you see something, say something” – you know, like the results of a travel tournament. I don’t know the relevance or derivation of the phrase “in all hell and half of Georgia” but there are local athletes across the sports hall of fame competing somewhere every day of the week. . And every sport’s culture is different, but the bottom line is that someone gets paid while others have their Venmo accounts debited. “Rules are rules” is a truism. Finally, some rules are deemed stupid and rejected. I would say keep the athlete alive and suspend the stupid rule, and we all live with that. Go ahead now, git!

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Cam-Tel will provide gigabit internet speed

CAMDEN – Cam-Tel is modernizing its network and distribution systems with the goal of delivering gigabit speed to homes and businesses in its service area, according to a press release.

Service has been enhanced in each of Cablelynx’s residential and commercial broadband service plans. Now speeds of up to 250 megabits per second are available, allowing for much faster service.

Additional builds will begin in early 2022 to provide gigabit speeds in all areas where Cam-Tel offers service. Gigabit service will be available to all residents and businesses in Camden when the project is completed.

The total cost will rise to more than $ 1 million, Cam-Tel said.

“These are exciting times for the Camden area. There aren’t many cities or towns in America that offer Gig service to all of their residents,” said Stacy Eads, regional manager of Cam-Tel Company.

“We have continually invested and improved our cable system and now this new million dollar project adds to the company’s existing fiber optic infrastructure and expands Cablelynx’s broadband service,” said Walter E. Hussman, Jr., president of WEHCO Media, the parent company. from Cam-Tel Company and Camden News. “Residential subscribers will also be offered more options for their Internet service to meet the growing demands of home work and home schooling demands placed upon them.”

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Camera for adventure

An “Infinity War” Easter Egg is hiding in plain sight

Three years ago, when Thanos’ powerful threat was at its peak in Avengers: Infinity War, Avenger Black Widow super-spy (Scarlett Johansson) appeared on camera with a new look.

We’re not talking about her short, platinum blonde haircut (although it was a cool look for her). We’re talking about her most stylish accessory: an indescribable dark green tactical vest with pockets.

The vest was never recognized for Infinity war. As Thanos knocks on Earth’s Gate in Wakanda, no one spared a moment to compliment Natasha’s new cut. But now in his solo feature Black Widow – located between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War – the end of the movie reveals the very cool way Black Widow got her vest.

And as expected, there is a deeper story behind it all.

Warning: Spoilers for Black Widow forward.

Scarlett Johansson, as “Black Widow”, wearing Yelena’s vest in Avengers: Infinity War (2018).Marvel / Disney / Kobal / Shutterstock

How Black Widow Got Her Vest

As seen in Black Widow, Natasha teams up with Yelena (Florence Pugh), her ex-sister in the Red Room. While she’s on the run together, Yelena picks up a greenish-brown vest that she’s just one bit Obsessed by. As she enthusiastically proclaims on a midnight car ride: “He has pockets!

Fast forward to the end of Black Widow, Natasha succeeds and literally brings down the red room with her “family”, including her “mother” Melina (Rachel Weisz) and her “father” Alexei (David Harbor). When the sisters separate, Yelena gives Natasha the waistcoat she has attached to as a symbolic gesture to show that Yelena “will be” with her on her next adventure.

It’s the fight against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Besides, the end of Black Widow also shows how Natasha gets a fully functioning Quinjet (courtesy of her contact Rick Mason, played by OT Fagbenle), which the Avengers use in both Infinity war and End of Game to get to Wakanda and planets like Vormir.

Johansson (left), David Harbor (center) and Florence Pugh (right) in Black Widow. Note that Pugh’s character “Yelena” wears the same tactical vest worn by Johansson in Infinity war.Marvel Entertainment

Black Widow ending explained: “This becomes a legacy”

In Infinity war, Natasha’s vest was nothing more than a cool accessory that surely encouraged cosplayers to scour the internet for replicas. But during a scheduled visit in the presence of the press, ScreenRant reported that Scarlett Johansson said in a “totally Kevin Feige” manner, her Infinity war The waistcoat was a gift from Yelena and was “actually … an important thing”.

Johansson said:

It sounds very superficial, but it’s actually very unique, it’s a very meaningful thing. [Kevin Feige] love all those stories and things that connect the characters to each other. When we designed it back then, it was really a different look for the character, but it’s fun to see how Kevin’s mind works – he’s like a fantasy that way, where he thinks about. all the little hidden things that people will give away, things that are seemingly harmless, some heart. It’s a legacy, it becomes a legacy in this unexpected and fun way.

The future of the black widow

Natasha’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is over, after her sacrifice in End of Game. But that doesn’t have to be the end of Black Widow.

With the Black Widow mantle vacant, there is a strong implication that Yelena will take it and continue Natasha’s legacy. And his first mission is to avenge Natasha’s death. She is entrusted to Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in an appearance originally supposed to precede her role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), who believes Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is responsible for Natasha’s murder. The dramatic irony is that we, the audience, know the truth; it was a selfless sacrifice by Natasha.

With Yelena who should appear in the Disney + series Hawk Eye Later this year, fans can look forward to a bow-and-stick clash again soon. And you can bet Yelena will look cool. I mean, come on: she has pockets!

Black Widow is now streaming on Disney + Premier Access and is now playing in theaters.

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Sport camera

Mi MIX 4 should sport an “invisible” sub-screen camera

Last updated on
09 Jul 2021, 00:40

The Mi MIX 4’s sub-screen camera will not be visible to the human eye

Xiaomi is preparing to launch a new flagship smartphone, called Mi MIX 4, in August this year.

In the latest development, prognosticator Ice universe claimed that the handset will feature an under-screen camera and that it “will not be visible to the naked eye”.

However, the details on the implementation as well as the light transmission of the under-screen camera are unclear.

The device will feature a custom display

The Mi MIX 4 will display an edge-to-edge notch-less screen with thin edges, curved edges, and an under-screen camera. On the back there could be a triple camera unit.

The handset is rumored to sport a bespoke 6.4-inch AMOLED display that can deliver Full-HD + or better resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and a built-in fingerprint sensor for a secure connection.

It will be equipped with a 50MP main camera

The Mi MIX 4 is likely to feature a triple rear camera module that includes a 50MP main sensor, 48MP ultra-wide lens, and 48MP telephoto lens with support for 120x hybrid and 5x optical zoom. For selfies, a 32MP sub-screen camera is expected.

It should work on MIUI 13

It should work on MIUI 13

The Mi MIX 4 will be powered by a Snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 888+ processor, coupled with at least 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

It should boot MIUI 13 based on Android 12 and pack a 4,500mAh battery with 120W wired and 80W wireless fast charging support.

For connectivity, the device must support Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, 5G, and a Type C port.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4: Price and availability

Official pricing and availability details for the Mi MIX 4 will be announced at launch, which could take place in August of this year. However, it is expected to cost over 6,000 CNY (around 70,000 Rs.).

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