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Oxfordshire woman captures epic meteor video on doorbell camera

An Oxfordshire woman was shocked when she captured a huge green meteor streaking across the sky on her doorbell camera today.

Sandi Cotton, 57, was scrolling on her phone when a notification came from her doorbell camera at 12:40 a.m.

The company director was shocked when she opened the video and saw a bright flash of light streak across the sky.

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Meteor captured by an Oxfordshire woman by chance on a doorbell camera.

The Kidlington-based woman, based near the moors, said: ‘It was so exciting because I knew it was something very abnormal. I got the motion notification and thought it shouldn’t be there. I live near an airfield, but I immediately knew it was not an airplane.

“I immediately emailed my sister and told her what it was, even though she was a reasonable sleeper.

“I have never seen anything like it in my life. I thought, I have to share this”

As for whether she captured anything else exciting on her doorbell cam, she said it would be the first time.

She said: “Normally you just get local wildlife like foxes and badgers and of course people.”

Reports of the fireball arrived from across England and Wales last night, with a startling shot captured over the Bristol Channel where it is believed to have landed.

Oxford Mail: Meteor captured at 12.39pm on 13 May 2022. Image: UK Fireball Network / Global Fireball ObservatoryMeteor captured at 12:39 p.m. on May 13, 2022. Image: UK Fireball Network / Global Fireball Observatory

Preliminary data from the UK Meteor Network suggests it landed in the Bristol/Somerset area, with founder Richard Kacerek saying: “Last night at 00:39 UT 15 UKMON cameras captured a very large meteor event which we call a ball of fire, [a] Very bright meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere over Somerset.”

“Visually it was quite spectacular, with a green color [with the] different colors generally indicating the composition of the meteoroid.”

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