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Oxfordshire photographer snaps strange sharp object for Camera Club

Photographers have made everyday objects unidentifiable in this week’s “Guess the Object” theme.

Some of the unusual shots included a pencil sharpener up close, the skin of a melon, cheese graters and mechanical parts.

Can you guess the unusual-looking object in this week’s winning shot by Shez McKechnie?

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This image appears to show a circular natural covered in sharp spikes.

This weekend would have been a public holiday, but was moved to June for the Queen’s Jubilee. This week’s theme is “Borrowed”.

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To enter the competition, post your snaps on the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page and, if you’re lucky, your photo might appear in the Oxford Mail.

Happy snapping!

This story was written by Rebecca Whittaker, she joined the team in 2019 as a multimedia reporter.

Rebecca covers education and current affairs in Abingdon and Wantage.

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