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Oregon State Police Share Dash Cam Video Of Pickup Hit Patrol Car | News


Oregon State Police released dash cam footage of a collision on Interstate 5 on August 19 around 6:30 p.m. A pickup truck struck an OSP patrol car as the officer was outside to carry out a traffic check.

The officer had stopped a commercial vehicle.

The van was traveling at highway speeds, according to OSP, when the driver should have been moving. Oregon’s Move Over law requires drivers to follow a specific protocol when an emergency vehicle, roadside assistance vehicle or tow truck is stopped in the road with the lights on.

By law, cars must move into another lane to make more room for the emergency vehicle. If it is not possible to do so safely, slow down at least five miles below the posted speed. It is always necessary to leave as much room as possible for the emergency vehicle.

The driver of the van did not move, hit the rear of the patrol car, flipped over and ended up on its side in the slow lane, according to OSP.

The accident was investigated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, which cited the driver for reckless driving and failure to move for an emergency vehicle.

The PSO reported no injuries.

“Not only is moving vehicles to the side of the freeway the right thing to do, it’s the LAW!” says OSP. “Help protect those who protect you.”