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Online contact options highlighted as published 999 call data

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

West Yorkshire Police are providing a timely reminder of ways to contact the Force as data is released for the first time by BT on 999 calls and response times.

BT data shows West Yorkshire Police responded to the average call in 11.3 seconds, but once you factor in connection times Force call handlers answered the call average of 999 in 6.8 seconds. The Force also answered all 999 calls, with an abandoned call rate of 0%.

On average, West Yorkshire Police receive around 3,800 contacts each day, via 999, 101, 101 Live Chat and other online contact options.

While people should always call 999 in an emergency, when there is a threat to life or a crime in progress, there are a number of online alternatives to calling 101, which are free, quick and easy. The online declaration form takes an average of five minutes to complete, which is faster than 101.

Tom Donohoe, Contact Senior Manager, said: ‘The summer months tend to be a busier time for the police and with the extra bank holiday this week and all Covid restrictions now lifted, we expect to be more busy than ever.

Holiday statistics

“Our contact officers are already handling just under 4,000 contacts per day with the public and, traditionally, in hot weather, this number can increase significantly. So we need you to help us help you.

“We are asking people where possible to please click before calling. Many of the reasons people contact us on 101 can be sorted out more quickly online and this frees up our call handlers to respond to other calls.

“We understand that people like to talk to someone and know that their application or report is being considered. I want to reassure people that if you report something online, you will always receive a follow-up email or a phone call if requested. »

For a two-way conversation with a member of the Customer Contact Center team, similar to calling 101, members of the public can use the 101 live chat on the West Yorkshire Police website. The benefit of using this system is that a contact center agent can provide support to multiple people at the same time, rather than being engaged on a single phone line. It is also popular with the deaf community or members of the public who need some time to compose their thoughts.

A significant proportion of 101 calls are from people requesting an update on their crime. You can check the status of an investigation using Local Crime Tracker on the West Yorkshire Police website and there is an online form to leave a message for an officer.

There are also specific reporting forms for a number of crime and incident types, including:
• Antisocial behavior
• Harmful bikes/mountain bikes
• Criminal damage
• Family violence
• Drunk/drug driving
• Drug use/trafficking
• Fraud (via Action Fraud)
• Hate crime
• Lost and Found (via
• Inconvenient/inconvenient parking
• Suspicious behavior
• Theft/theft of
Dash Cam Images – Safer Roads Submission Portal

Another reason people call 101 is to find out about police processes and how the criminal justice system works, such as inquiries about speeding tickets, self-defense rules and police powers outside working hours. West Yorkshire Police are listed on which offers answers to frequently asked police questions. Members of the public are urged, where possible, to check the website or mobile app first to see if they can get their question answered without having to contact the police.

For more information on online contact options and access to online reporting forms, please visit: Contact Us | West Yorkshire Police.

Lots of useful information and updates are also shared on the WYP contact management center Twitter account. @WYP_Contact.