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Ohio Highway Patrol dash cam shows chase that ends in rescue

Ohio State Highway Patrol released dashcam video of a July 14 chase of a reckless driver who nearly crashed with a small child in the vehicle.

FINDLAY, Ohio – Ohio State Highway Patrol released dashcam video of a dramatic Hancock County chase earlier this month.

Video from the soldier’s patrol car shows a July 14 chase along I-75 involving a reckless driver who crosses the median into oncoming traffic and nearly crashes.

The driver, whom patrol identified as Alisia Jimenez, 23, of Tennessee, stopped the vehicle seconds before it collided with another car and a truck speeding in the two oncoming lanes .

The video shows soldiers jumping out of their vehicle to arrest Jimenez and searching for her in nearby tall grass and woods.

That’s when the video shows the soldiers realizing Jimenez wasn’t alone in her car.

In the video, Jimenez can be heard screaming for soldiers to watch over his child.

“My baby is in the car!” she says.

When the soldiers reached Jimenez’s vehicle, they found a young child, unbuckled, in the back seat.

The child can be heard crying in the video as the soldiers urge her to come to them. She was not injured, the patrol said.

The soldiers took care of her until she was taken into care by child services.

Jimenez remains behind bars in Hancock County Jail, facing a number of charges. Jimenez is due back in court next week.

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