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Nextbase Dash Cams serves as the Official Dash Cam Partner for the Grubhub Security Program

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nextbase Dash Camsthe world’s most advanced, award-winning and best-selling dash cam brand, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Grubhub, a leading online food ordering and delivery platform, to improve driver safety. The announcement comes in direct response to a recent safety survey conducted by Grubhub, in which one of the top requests from drivers was for a dash cam support program that offers the safety and security of a recording. clear of events on the road. Nextbase has developed a bespoke platform to enable seamless integration into Grubhub’s driver base.

“Grubhub strives to provide drivers with a convenient and safe way to earn money on their own terms, and we are constantly innovating to provide new tools and safety features that enhance the driver experience,” Laura said. Gorski, Head of Security Risk and Regulatory Logistics for Grubhub. “We are proud to meet driver demand for a dash cam program through a partnership with Nextbase, which is the industry standard for reliability and innovation at attractive prices. And we are look forward to building on this partnership through future efforts to increase driver safety based on the feedback we receive from our partners in the field.”

After successful pilots in Phoenix, Boston, Denver and San Francisco, Nextbase is expanding its partnership with Grubhub to three of the company’s biggest markets: New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. In total, Nextbase will now be offering special discounted pricing on a range of award-winning accessory dash cams and rear camera modules to tens of thousands of drivers nationwide.

“We’re on a mission to make the jobs of Grubhub drivers safer and easier, so they can maximize their earning potential and help play a vital role in the country’s busy schedule. It means making the roads safer and more secure for everyone. The partnership with Grubhub is a validator of Nextbase’s product, service and technology,” said Richard Browning, Director of Marketing and Sales, Nextbase. “Drivers now have an extra layer of confidence on the road, protecting them from unforeseen incidents with video evidence proving they are not at fault; potentially saving them thousands of dollars in insurance. Additionally, life-saving features like Emergency SOS when navigating unfamiliar roads and neighborhoods, and always-on Smart Parking Mode monitoring providing protection for drivers while leaving their car unattended, are breakthrough innovations that will help us achieve our common goal. We are delighted that Grubhub has chosen Nextbase as their official dash cam partner, adding to our credentials in the gig economy and rapidly changing fleet space.

For the exclusive partnership with Grubhub, drivers will benefit from a tailor-made product offer on Nextbase’s Series 2 range. To further Nextbase’s commitment to making life easier for Grubhub drivers, Nextbase will be offering a discounted professional dash cam installer program through its largest retail partner, best buy. Drivers will have access to Best Buy’s nationwide network of Geek Squad installation bays where they can ensure their product is working properly and get proper training on the world’s most innovative dash cams.

To learn more about Nextbase x Grubhub partnerships, visit www.Nextbase.com/Grubhub. For more companies, retail partners and product offerings, visit www.nextbase.com/en-us/.


Nextbase is a global leader in dash cam technology with an average market share of 68% in Europe and currently leads the dash cam category in North America. Invented and perfected by aviation technical engineers experienced in the rigorous testing and certification requirements of this industry, Nextbase is dedicated to transcending the dash cam category, bringing a new level of in-car technology to dash cams. high quality board. Nextbase is available in 18 countries and over 15,000 retail locations worldwide and offers a wide range of solutions for consumers, fleets and automakers including Lexus, Toyota, Hyundai and many more. More than 8,100 outlets in the United States and Canada include Best Buy, Best Buy Canada, Sam’s Club and Walmart. Nextbase is also the official dash cam for Grubhub, a leading online food ordering and delivery platform, and is currently available to couriers in Boston, Denver, and San Francisco. To learn more, visit www.nextbase.com/en-us/ and follow him on Instagram at @Nextbase.


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