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Nextbase 622GW review: Dash cam with 4k footage and great features

I took my car around the block with the flagship Nextbase 622GW dash cam – and it was quickly apparent that I needed this technology.

I finally get the chance to join an elite club in Australia – and become a contributor to Dash Cam Owners Australia’s famous Facebook and YouTube pages.

Nextbase sent me their flagship Nextbase 622GW dash cam to review, so I installed it and took my car for a spin around Sydney’s Western Quarter.

One drive was enough to reinforce that I need a dash cam in my car.

It’s amazing the shenanigans people constantly do on the roads – and the 622GW captured it all clearly in 4K.

Walking down the street, I spotted a man with a pram crossing the road near a stop sign.

I slowed to a stop and watched in horror as another car zoomed past.

Luckily no one was hurt, but if there had been an incident it would have been good to have some footage.

Passing the station, I had to come to a quick stop when a car suddenly reversed.

I know red P-plate riders already have a bad rap – you were doing yourself a disservice in that situation, mate!

It’s clear that with this camera – and the quality of pilots in my neighborhood – it won’t be long before I make a submission to Dash Cam Owners Australia.

The incidents really drove home the point – dash cams can provide crucial video evidence to prove you’re not at fault and help resolve an insurance claim.

Installation was relatively easy.

Installing the camera only took a few minutes. And the dash cam is pretty easy to use with its touchscreen and user-friendly menus.

You can also use Alexa voice commands, which can be configured with Apple and Android phones.

The dash cam is equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi, which means you can pair the device with your phone, allowing you to easily share images.

What is the Nextbase 622GW offer

The Nextbase 622GW has a bunch of really cool specs and safety features.

On the specs front, it has ultra-clear 4K recording at 30fps and digital image stabilization.

You can also rotate a frame on the camera to capture even clearer video.

It can perform well in extreme weather conditions, with built-in algorithms to provide the clearest image.

The camera also has super slow motion, with 120 fps, ideal for capturing a license plate after an incident. The 622GW also has enhanced night vision, which is essential considering how many accidents happen at night. Nextbase says the dash cam uses larger pixels to let more light into each one, with the camera automatically sensing light levels.

One of the best features is the ability to configure EmergencySOS. This allows the device to automatically alert emergency services if you are involved in an accident, even if the driver is unresponsive. And there is also an option to share your medical history and blood type.

By using the integrated what3words, you can locate yourself within three meters.

The Nextbase 622GW has a built-in G-Sensor that can detect impacts and record.

There’s also a smart parking mode that can automatically register if your vehicle is hit – ideal for situations where your vehicle is left in a parking lot or near a busy road.

What is the packing

The Nextbase 622GW is worth buying if you want that peace of mind in the event of an accident. The incredible image quality is also a standout feature.

This is definitely a buy from me.