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NextBase 622GW Dash Cam Review

Competitively priced dash cam among the best all-rounders with high quality images, smart features and the ability to add more cameras

NextBase have been at the forefront of the UK dash cam industry since the very beginning and have even introduced the National Dash Cam Portal to help the police collect the images of the drivers.

It’s also among the biggest brands on the market, with cameras ranging from just over £50 all the way up to the £270 622GW which we test here.

Design and assembly

The NextBase 622GW certainly won’t win any design awards. It is quite a bulky device and the lens protrudes some distance from the main body. This could cause problems installing the camera as it means it needs more space to mount properly.

Luckily, however, there are a few mounting options, both of which allow plenty of adjustment. In addition to the usual slimline backing with an adhesive pad, the 622GW Comes with a suction cup mount that makes it easy to remove or move if you’re moving from vehicle to vehicle. The camera attaches to both mounts via a smart magnetic mount with a swivel adjuster to properly align the camera.

Our test unit also came with the optional rear camera which has an even smarter magnetic mount that makes mounting and adjusting it incredibly easy and also means you can remove it really quickly if you need to.

NextBase also recently announced a limited edition color option on the 622GW which was launched to help charity. The Sienna Edition is finished in a burnt orange color rather than the usual gray and 5% of the proceeds from every sale will go to MS Society UK.


NextBase 622GW Sienna Edition sales help raise money for charity

As mentioned above, the 622GW is sold as a stand-alone unit but can be expanded with an affordable rear or internal camera as well as a wiring kit for permanent power even when the vehicle is parked. This expandability is great, but unlike dedicated three-channel devices, the rear and interior modules connect to the same single socket on the main unit, meaning you can have one or the other but not both. .

There’s an integrated three-inch touchscreen for viewing recordings and controlling settings, although both can also be done via a fairly comprehensive smartphone app.

Fortunately, the 622GW doesn’t bother with unnecessary driving aids like lane departure warning, but it’s the first dash cam to feature the what3words tracking system, which can help identify where you are without knowing GPS coordinates, postal code or even road name or number. Handy if you’re involved in an incident in an unfamiliar location. It also has an emergency call system that can detect a particularly heavy impact and call your designated phone to check on you.

Amazon Alexa also appears on the camera, allowing voice control of the camera and your phone, although I struggle to see the point of this feature.

Image quality

Image quality from the 4K sensor and f1.3 lens of the 622GW is excellent. Images are crisp and well-defined in virtually any condition thanks to a combination of high-quality components and intelligent processing software. There is even an extreme weather mode to deal with very bad conditions. A built-in polarizing filter means the 662GW handles clear weather and high-contrast situations better than many devices and built-in image stabilization helps keep footage smooth even when the road is off.

Nighttime images suffer as with any dash cam, but the 622GW’s improved night mode helps make the most of low-light conditions and is among the best we’ve tested.

Standard recording is 30fps, but you can switch to 1080p resolution, which lets you choose between 60fps or even 120fps for super slow-motion recording.

The rear camera is less impressive, stuck at 1080p and 30fps. The image is noticeably darker and not as sharp as the main unit, but it’s still perfectly good enough to rely on if you need to, as is the smaller indoor unit – particularly useful for taxi and minicab drivers.


To £269.99 the NextBase 622GW is at the more expensive end of the dash cam price range, but still seems like good value for money. Unlike some models, most of its features are practical and user-friendly and many are dedicated to helping capture the pristine 4K footage that is at the heart of its appeal.


  • Superb image quality
  • Useful location and emergency functions
  • Stretch

The inconvenients

  • Clumsy design
  • Two channel recording only
  • Rear camera image could be better

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