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New material – Klim backpacks: Arsenal 15 and Arsenal 30

Klim’s Nac Pak range offers some of the most widely used backpacks for adventure, single track and hydration. Personally, I’ve been using a Klim hydration pack for years. I was still happy with it, but there were still a few little design issues that still bothered me.

For a while I switched to the Arsenal vest. I liked the different design and the storage solution, but found it a little warm when riding in the desert southwest where I’m based, when I’m not on another continent.

Well, the designers at Klim, as they always seem to do, have addressed these issues and seem to have combined a lot of the design features from previous packs with the features of the Arsenal vest and then added several improvements. To me, it seems like they saw a way to refine a product that was already good and make it great. But more than that, they dubbed the new design called Arsenal Backpack and created two variants, with 15 liters or 30 liters capacity.

It’s worth watching the video to see the differences between the two, as one isn’t just a bigger variation of the other backpack. They are designed for specific types of riding and purposes.

The Arsenal 15 is a mid-sized backpack with a chest harness. It has been made more glove friendly thanks to the newly designed harness. This pack is ideal for trail running, shorter rides, being obviously lighter than the bigger 30.

Photo: Klim

Use compression straps to keep everything inside nice and comfortable and also for your body when riding, while keeping the weight balanced and creating the best possible airflow through your back.

Straps have been replaced with adjustable four-point straps on the Arsenal 15’s chest harness for added durability, and the new design eliminates the need for an additional waist strap. The two front pockets have also increased in size a bit.

Photo: Klim

If you’re a rider who prefers to have a bulkier bag on your body rather than weight on the back of the bike, the Arsenal 30 might be a better fit for you. It could also work for minimalist riders doing trails like the Tour of Idaho when the lightest, thinnest bike is the ultimate goal.

Photo: Klim

Sized with a large capacity for bulkier items like lightweight camping gear, minimal camera gear, spare clothes, etc…this might be all you need for a shorter hike of several days.

If you think you might need to carry a little extra fuel, the Arsenal 30’s two side pockets are made of stretchy material, allowing them to fit a standard 21 front tube. inches or a 32 oz/1 L fuel bottle on each side. Internal compression straps will keep everything tight and secure.

Photo: Klim

Both backpacks include three-liter hydration pouches, tool packs, waterproof covers and offer multiple configurations and storage locations. They also have laptop sleeves, in case you want to use them as a daily backpack.

Photo: Klim

They enter; Black, Tan, Blue/Orange and are priced at $220 and $280 respectively and can be found HERE on the Klim website