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New Insta360 X3 360 Action Camera

Insta360 further advances its line of 360 degree action cameras. The new Insta360 X3 has several updates over the previous One X2 model (see our review here) which should result in better images, starting with a new sensor. Like previous entries in this range, the X3 has capabilities that may be particularly appealing to motorcyclists, although like its predecessors it’s not cheap and the software will come with a learning curve.

The X3 (not the “One X3” – they’ve shortened the name) comes with a new half-inch sensor that’s supposed to deliver improved images, including a new single-lens 4K mode and a new MaxView at 170 degrees available in 2.7K Resolution. Although these modes do not take advantage of the 360 ​​degree capability of the camera, some users may wish to use the camera in a chest orientation, which is where these modes come in handy.

Mount the X3 camera to an Invisible Selfie Stick setup, and you can get a third-person perspective, as seen here on Kawasaki’s WSB race bike. Photo: Insta360

There’s also a new Active HDR option for 5.7K 360-degree video mode; the presser says this mode “uses an innovative algorithm to stabilize action footage, minimizing ghosting and revealing detail that other action cameras miss in overexposed and underexposed areas.” Interesting.

The camera also takes 72MP photos and 8K 360-degree time-lapse footage.

Importantly for riders, Insta360 also says the new X3 camera is waterproof (up to 33 feet) and comes with a new 2.29-inch tempered glass touchscreen (as you can see in the photos). Note that the One X2 was also supposed to be waterproof and some users had issues, so be careful with your expectations.

Another mounting arrangement for motorcycles. There are tons of capabilities with this camera, if you can save the money for the purchase, then save the time to learn the software. Photo: Insta360

Invisible Selfie Stick technology also returns, with AI stitching together the selfie stick from footage to create an omniscient third-party perspective; FlowState stabilization technology also returns, along with 360-degree horizon locking. And, the camera is designed to work in conjunction with Insta360’s AI editing suite (see a discussion of that in our One X2 review). There’s also a loop recording mode, if you want to use the Insta360 in a dashcam setup. The new Direction Focus technology directs the camera’s built-in microphones to follow the subject of the camera action, which is beneficial when setting up panoramic shots, a very simple process with the Insta360 video editor.

The non-removable battery has a capacity of 1800 mAh; it charges via USB-C.

The asking price is $449.50 in the US, where the camera is already available on More details – and more importantly, test footage – can be found on this website.