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Never-before-seen Led Zeppelin concert footage now online after 52 years | Entertainment

Never-before-seen footage of Led Zeppelin from the band’s legendary LA Forum show has been made available for the first time.

The rockers’ “Whole Lotta Love” performance at this iconic venue on September 4, 1970 became one of their most famous shows, and the “Live on Blueberry Hill” LP is considered one of rock’s earliest bootlegs.

Until this week, no footage of the show had been seen, but fan Eddie Vincent has finally shared seven minutes of his recording on YouTube after 52 years.

In an introduction to his video, Eddie – who slipped an 8mm Kodak Brownie camera around the room to capture material – said: “When my friends and I arrived at the Forum, I hid it under my jacket.

“There was no problem at the gate at the time. The seats were excellent, front row behind the stage.

“We were behind John Bonham’s gong so you couldn’t really see it, but the sound was great.”

Although the fan kept the camera – which could only film 30 seconds at a time – turned off for most of the concert, he did get snippets of a number of songs, including “Whole Lotta Love”, “Thank You” and “What Is And What Should Never Be”.

Eddie added: “During the acoustic set, John hid behind the gong to grab a cigarette and very graciously acknowledged our slavish praise.

“He even posed twice for my camera, and both times the flash didn’t go off. These photos came out worthless, unfortunately. But a few others, as well as this 8mm film, have survived.

He recently found his old footage and sent it to fellow Zeppelin fan John Waters, who put it together with the audio from “Live on Blueberry Hill” and uploaded it to YouTube.

He told Classic Rock magazine: “The music needs to be out there. I know a lot of collectors and dealers who don’t give away their stuff, and that’s a shame on me.

“Music is shared, and today we need it to get away from the crazy world.

“And while this movie makes a lot of people happy, hey, we did a great job.”