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#MovieReview: A Romance Adventure on the Big Screen [Watch]

The Lost City is an easy-to-digest and enjoyable throwback to the romantic adventures of the 1980s.

Walk on a high voltage power line from the first frame, City largely manages to keep up its own frenetic pace.

Anchored by a charming Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, the film never reaches real heights, but you won’t be looking at your watch.

There are a few genres that seem to no longer exist, from hit comedies, erotic thrillers and mid-budget adult dramas, to adventure films from IndianaJones and Romanticize the stone ilk.

These were reliable productions throughout the box office boom of the 1980s, but they were overhauled by superheroes and a straight-to-stream common denominator schlock.

What a treat to see a film that attempts to capture the magic of the past, placing movie stars in interesting situations and locations and turning on the camera.

Sure, it’s not perfect and a lot of the humor falls a bit flat, but there’s nothing cynical about it. City in the vein of red notice or Unexplored where the social media and marketing teams dictated the content.

Light spoilers to follow:
Beef plays Loretta Sage, a novelist who secretly hopes that some of the content from her books will seep into her own life.

Tatum is Alan Caprison, a stereotypical aerial cover model, who joins Sage on a promotional tour for his latest book.

There are few other actors who play the idiots as well as the Tatum, as he did in 21 jump street series, and her charming, unafraid-to-seem-silly performance is a big reason for the film’s success.

You’ll root for this unlikely duo as they traverse unlikely settings and situations, searching for some sort of mutual connection.

We hope it will make a good return on investment and compete with existing IP projects in the Marvel model.

That’s not to say that Marvel doesn’t belong, but rather that both can exist in a widescreen format, rather than being produced to be viewed on your iPhone.

It’s the kind of film that will be a pleasant surprise when trawling DSTV on a lazy Sunday a few years from now.

Rated 13 for scenes of violence and partial nudity.

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