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Mio MiVue 798 Pro Dash Cam Review

We check the performance of this high-end dash cam to see if it’s worth the asking price

Mio has been in the dashcam business for a long time, offering a range of on-board recorders to suit most budgets.

As part of a recent update, the popular MiVue 798 has been replaced by the 798 Pro – a single camera unit with up to quad HD recording and a host of advanced features that sit towards the top of the range Mio.

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Design-wise it’s not the smallest or neatest dash cam we’ve tested, but it should still fit behind most mirrors and the rotating mount allows for a range decent tuning.

Part of the reason for its size is that, unlike many newer dash cams, it still has a 2.7-inch viewing screen. This means you can calibrate its position using an on-screen image, adjust settings, and view images directly on the device rather than using the mobile app. It’s useful if you don’t have a smartphone but don’t feel you need it.

The app is easy to install and connect to your camera and once it’s up and running you can manage all the settings – from resolution settings to parking modes and memory card formatting – from your phone. You can also view, lock and delete clips and download footage to your device if you need to share it after an incident.

Video is captured by the commonly used Sony Starvis sensor, with a 145 degree angle lens and F1.8 aperture. The 798 Pro can record up to 1600p QHD resolution at 30fps, or Full HD at a smoother 60fps. It also has a night mode dedicated to low light situations and can also be used to take still images.

At its full 1600p resolution, image quality is solid but not spectacular. In normal daylight images are crisp and clear and more than adequate, although tested by very high contrast situations. Low light images are not so good. Images are quite grainy and important details such as license plates can be difficult to see clearly.

The main unit can be paired with a rear camera for full coverage and an optional wiring kit allows for more advanced parking monitoring.

The built-in GPS tracks the vehicle’s position and can be overlaid on Google Maps, as well as automatically saved to images with a timestamp.

As with several other MioVue cameras, the 798 Pro has a number of driver assistance features, including speed camera alert and forward collision and lane departure warning.

There are also headlight reminder, HUD display and cruise speed reminder options, as well as an eco-driving monitor. Several of them require you to be able to see the camera view screen while driving, so they’re totally unnecessary. Those that don’t, like collision and lane departure warning, suffer from the usual lack of precision that plagues all of these aftermarket devices.

Skip the unnecessary extra features and the MioVue 798 Pro is a decent regular dashcam that you can set it and forget it. At the MRRP of £200 it’s not the cheapest option, but shopping around you’ll find it for closer to £150, at which price it’s a solid but unremarkable option.