Sport camera

Many flat tires on Southwest Morrison in front of Providence Park

PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) – As crime continues to rise in the city of Roses, Portland police say multiple reports have been filed of flat tires on Southwest Morrison Street.

FOX 12 received a viewer tip from Michael Lindley, a Southwestern resident who noticed the crime just as he walked out early Thursday morning.

Lindley says: ‘Went out this morning around 6.30am and saw the damage to all the vehicles which was all the flat tyres. It looks like there were around 49 vehicles that were damaged, that’s a lot, two tires on each car.

Lindley added that he saw flat tires on more than 10 blocks and some of the destruction was filmed.

Surveillance video from Sport Oregon and the Stadium Superette Convenience and Deli shows a man walking on the sidewalk starting at 4:30 a.m., puncturing tires.

Kanoris Rush, a local, was just one of the victims of this crime, he says, “It affects me because I am disabled and on a fixed income and now I have to find money to get tires when I didn’t need them.

For South West resident Brittney Nelson, this is the second vandalism report she has had to make in the last three months, and she is fed up.

“I want to move, I don’t feel safe here anymore,” Nelson said.

Adding that she tries not to take this personal situation, but it’s hard not to.

“On the one hand it’s not just me and I know it’s not a personal thing, but at the same time it’s personal because it’s our community and it’s not safe. I’ll write letters to the reps because I’ve had enough,” Nelson said.

Ultimately, every victim FOX 12 has spoken with about this crime is wondering the same thing.

“I also feel that the police and the city are not

do anything about crime problems, it needs to be tackled now,” says Lindley.

“It makes me feel like the city commissioners and the police just let this place run wild,” Rush says.

“I hardly ever see police here anyway, so where are they? What are they doing?” Nelson said.

Portland Police have not made any arrests at this time.