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Live Streaming Features in New WA Police Body Cam

WA Police officers in the CBD and Northbridge in Perth will be among the first in the state to be fitted with new body cameras capable of streaming vision to command centres.

The cameras are an upgrade to the current model equipped by frontline officers, capable of streaming live video.


Unveiled on Wednesday, the new cameras also pack more microphones for improved audio recording and improvements to GPS data and LCD display.

Metropolitan Area Assistant Commissioner Allan Adams said the new live streaming feature was an important addition to the cameras.


“The live streaming feature will significantly improve situational awareness of an incident in progress, which will better inform response officers and supervisors,” Adams said.

“This clearly improves officer and community safety, and the live view from the body-worn camera can be supplemented with other technologies, such as view from the police helicopter or drones.


“This technology improves situational awareness, officer safety and resource coordination when police respond to incidents and manage law enforcement operations.”

Police Minister Paul Papalia said the cameras had the potential to save lives.


“For senior officers coordinating a critical incident, the ability to receive real-time front-line information means that resources can be immediately allocated or moved to counter threats, help those in need, and maintain a head start. ahead of the criminals,” Papalia said. said.