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King Charles caught on camera quietly fuming

England’s new king has long been known for his often grumpy demeanor – and his rise to the throne doesn’t appear to have changed that.

King Charles III was attending a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland on Tuesday (local time), when he was filmed having an outburst of frustration over a leaking fountain pen.

In the video, the new ruler was seen signing a guestbook in front of cameras at Hillsborough Castle – the home of the royal family in Northern Ireland – when he grew frustrated after ink spilled from the pen and onto his hands.

“Oh my god, I hate that! said the monarch, rising and handing the pen to his wife Camilla, Queen Consort.

King Charles III was at a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland as part of his UK tour when he fussed over a leaky fountain pen. Source: Twitter/CBS News

“Oh look, it goes everywhere,” Camilla said as her husband wiped his fingers.

“I can’t stand this fucking thing – every time stinky,” King Charles said as he walked away.

The harrowing moment came after he was heard asking an aide for the date, only to realize he had written September 12 on an official document rather than September 13.

On social media, some appreciated his colorful response, saying it was on point.

“To like!” one person replied on Twitter.

“He’s not wrong,” said another.

Others thought that a minor event like this should not lead to such an exaggerated response from the new king.

“Yeah he can handle a crisis,” one person remarked sarcastically.

“This guy is so patient he should become the head of state of a country,” another joked.

On Sunday, when he was officially proclaimed the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, King Charles also had a pen attack.

At St James’s Palace, he irritably motioned to assistants to move a pen holder and penswhich prevented him from signing documents.

Why is King Charles in Northern Ireland?

The royal family’s visit to Northern Ireland has been part of a tour of the UK since the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The King had previously been greeted by crowds near Belfast, where he delivered his own promise to the region.

He is due to travel to Wales later this week and has already been to Scotland.

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