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KeepTruckin dash cam uses AI to prevent drivers from using their phones while driving

AI-powered dash cams are the next big thing, and the KeepTruckin dash cam uses real-time artificial intelligence to detect and correct dangerous behavior, such as drivers using phones while driving .

KeepTruckin dash cams are highly regarded in the fleet management industry, where the manufacturer is widely regarded as the leader. The KeepTruckin AI dash cam uses a combination of embedded systems, namely an AI processor with computer vision algorithms, to deliver its event intelligence technology.

This enhanced security platform already makes it one of the best dash cams out there, but it’s backed up by an in-house security team that analyzes every video within seconds of alerts to determine context as well as severity. of each incident. Videos determined to pose minimal risk are filtered out, with automatic coaching provided to drivers at the end of rides to correct their behaviors.

All of this information combines with the company’s proprietary DRIVE Score, which compares safety events to its entire network of 400,000 connected vehicles, giving fleets and safety managers the ability to incentivize performance. drivers, to structurally reduce risks and prevent accidents – which, according to KeepTruckin, are reduced by up to 30%.

“Distracted driving is responsible for 87% of preventable crashes each year,” the company says. “Precision is the key to accident prevention. With advanced AI Dashcam computer vision algorithms, dangerous driving, such as cell phone use, driver fatigue and seat belt monitoring, is detected in real time and with industry-leading accuracy. This unparalleled level of accuracy helps drivers know that when an alert occurs, it is real.”

The KeepTruckin dash cam, marketed as “the most accurate and predictive dash cam on the market”, features a 1440p 30fps road-facing camera with a 150° field of view, with a 1080p camera 15fps driver-oriented with a 180° field of view.

As is the case with technology, we’re going to see more and more of these technologies trickle down to consumer gear, which should help make the roads even safer for everyone.

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